“Between leasing and sharing”: VW now offering e-cars on a subscription basis

"Between leasing and sharing": VW now offering e-cars on a subscription basis

“Between Leasing and Sharing”
VW now offers e-car by subscription

Volkswagen is moving forward with developing new business models and launching subscription models for electric cars in Germany. 3000 used vehicles of models ID.3 and ID.4 are now available to customers, which can be rented for between three and six months.

Automaker VW is now also offering electric cars in a subscription model. A company spokesperson in Wolfsburg said that between 2000 and 3,000 used vehicles of the fully electric ID.3 and ID.4 models will be available for Volkswagen Autoebo. ID.3 should be available from 499 euros. Customers can rent the cars for three to six months and then renew them on a monthly basis.

“There is an increasing number of people who don’t have a vehicle permanently but want to use it exclusively for a certain period of time,” said sales director Klaus Zelmer. VW has developed a proposal “between leasing and sharing” for this purpose. VW sees the subscription as another step towards digitizing sales and creating new business models. “We estimate that by 2030 about 20 percent of our sales could come from subscriptions and other short-term mobility offerings,” said the manager.

Zelmer estimates that by 2030, one-fifth of sales could be attributable to subscriptions and other mobility offerings. The new model is based on experiences with a car subscription that subsidiary VW Financial Services has been working with since 2020. But there are new cars on offer, and so are all kinds of cars.

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