Danny Buchner is desperate for his daughter, Joelina

Danny Buchner is desperate for his daughter, Joelina

Joelina Karabas has actually already found the perfect pair of trousers for herself, a top will already be there, but she’s not really happy yet: “Can’t you get it tighter?” Joelina likes to show off what she has, but Mama Danny Twist has troubled eyes: It doesn’t always have to be tight. The defiant daughter doesn’t want to listen until she pulls the drawstring out of her pants. Maybe something too tight? Guido Maria Kreischmer also agrees with Mom: “Take a size up. or two.”

But Jolina is still stubborn: I do not like it. Then Danny has to take drastic measures: “Okay, I’ll say it out loud: Donkey eats pants when something’s too tight.” The daughter can certainly be changed. No. Who even believes in mother? But she really only has the best of mind for her girl: “I want you to be a shopping queen. I know I’m bothering you, but it’s also good for you when you become the shopping queen because you are the most beautiful. “Who will prevail here is not yet clear. In any case, fashion expert Guido agrees with Pants: “It makes a great bottom and Joelina loves it.” You can see in the video how great the pants really are.

You can already see how the whole shopping tour is going and whether Danny can coach her daughter on the title on TVNOW and Thursdays at 4 p.m. on Vox.

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