Beware of WhatsApp messages with malware

Beware of WhatsApp messages with malware

EST security researchers warned of WhatsApp messages promoting the benefits of smartphones as soon as they downloaded the app. Use the app to trade in malware. […]


“Download this application and win the smartphone,” is a WhatsApp message currently circling. Android users get them from their contacts. It is intended to trick the recipient into downloading a malicious application from a fake Google Play store, Eset writes In a message if you download it, you are dealing with malware that automatically spreads through WhatsApp after installation.

Cybercriminals will primarily use the app for adware and membership scam campaigns. «Malware spreads through the victim’s WhatsApp and automatically responds to every incoming message with a link to a fake and malicious Huawei mobile app. During installation, it asks for several permissions, including access to notifications. In this way, malware can react to every message with a user-defined reply, ”explains asset malware researcher Lucas Stefanco.

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