Firefox Standardizes Full Cookie Protection ›

Firefox Standardizes Full Cookie Protection ›

firefox Is now issuing its full cookie protection to all users by default. According to its developers, the associated increased protection of privacy makes the web browser the most private and secure software among the leading browsers for Windows and Mac.

With its complete cookie protection, Firefox takes the approach of providing robust protection against tracking without affecting the browsing experience of the user. In this context, browser developers refer to “cookie tins” that are created separately for each website you visit.

When surfing with Firefox, all website cookies are no longer stored centrally, but are each stored in its own separate container. It is important in this context that Firefox not only treats the cookies issued by the website as such, but also treats any embedded content from third parties. This ensures that individual websites can only access information about individual surfing behavior on their own, but cannot create cross-site links.

The whole thing aims to find a balanced middle ground that protects users’ privacy as best as possible, but doesn’t impair their internet experience. Websites also have the option to store data necessary to improve their use, such as login information or personal settings for subsequent visits, without also recording the data needed for these purposes.

Until now, full cookie protection in Firefox had to be activated separately via the “Strict” privacy option available in Firefox settings. With the current version 101, the function is now listed here under Standard Settings. Advanced options in this regard can be configured through custom settings in the “Privacy and Security” section.

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