bikini pics are swirling – she’s apparently reacting

bikini pics are swirling - she's apparently reacting

Kathy Hummels is currently vacationing in Miami.Image: DPA/Paris TSITSOS

Kathy Hummels’ latest Instagram post helps fan And there is a need for discussion for the followers. The comment column in her social media posts has the potential to provoke lengthy discussions, this is nothing new. On Sunday, the 33-year-old uploaded a photo of herself at the beach – and once again it didn’t take long for the reactions to pour in.

Kathy Hummels: sunburned on Miami Beach

The wife of Dortmund kicker Mats Hummels is currently undergoing treatment leave In Miami, Fla. The city on the east coast of America is known for its tropical climate and beautiful sandy beach. The influencer not only enjoys himself, but also lets his over 678,000 followers share his experiences in the form of photos and stories.

Spending too much time in the sun can also cause one or two sunburns. So too with Kathy Hummels. but it looks like she’s having fun and Posted a picture in the ultimate holiday look: Miami standing ankle-up in the ocean in bikini, sunglasses and hat. She writes, “Oops… I fell asleep in the sun!!!”

Fans worried about Kathy Hummels

You may be happy about her break from the moderator now, but many followers have other things in mind. Because if the influencer posts a photo of her body, it’s almost immediately a rain of snarky comments about her weight. So in this case too. “I really like you, but please put on some weight. “Photos like this make young girls feel ‘fat,'” writes one user. “A few more pounds on your ribs and you’ll look healthier,” another There are also some particularly brief ones: “Sorry, but that’s not sexy.”

it is The constant body shaming that the 33-year-old is exposed to, But the carelessness with which many followers write under the pictures of Kathy Hummels does not diminish. ,This woman deserves such a great respect To look so beautiful. You are as great as you are and you have really accomplished a lot! Don’t let this discourage you.” says a follower.

Others condemn body shaming of their fellow followers: “Body shaming also works against skinny people. Here are some comments. against overweight people No one is allowed to say anything but against skinny people? Too bad double standards!!!”, Kathy Hummels defended.

Kathy Hummels deleted the image and took a stand

In the meantime, Kathy Hummels has since deleted the posting and thus all comments. Instead, in her latest post, she shows herself in a bikini again and apparently refers to body shaming by writing: “Stop judging” – ie: “Stop judging”. Related hashtags confirm the doubt: “Beauty comes in all sizes” and “Love yourself” can be read there.

Already in her book “My Detour to Happiness” The presenter spoke candidly about her problems with depression and eating disorders. But derogatory comments can still be found under his post. Kathy Hummels doesn’t shy away from sharing her holiday pictures on social media. she herself has already admitted RTL: “I’m not hiding. I don’t need to hide.” So it’s clear that even harsh criticism of her appearance doesn’t distract her so easily.


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