Blueberry juice is said to reduce the risk of skin cancer

Blueberry juice is said to reduce the risk of skin cancer

According to a Canadian study, the risk of skin cancer can be reduced by the consumption of blueberry juice. Polyphenols in particular are thought to be responsible for this positive effect.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the number of skin cancer cases has increased dramatically in recent years. The federal government also believes that climate change and related heat waves will cause further increases.1 To at least slightly reduce the risk, it helps to avoid direct sunlight and apply sunscreen regularly. Certain types of fruits and vegetables are also said to have a protective effect. Blueberries (botanical: Vaccinium myrtillus) have long been considered a potential anti-carcinogen. Researchers from the University of Ottawa in Canada have now been able to prove these properties again: they found that blueberry juice significantly reduced the risk of skin cancer.

Blueberries are especially rich in polyphenols

Skin cancer is an abnormal growth of skin cells – usually caused by exposure to the sun. Skin cancer can also develop in areas that are usually covered by clothing. So it seems reasonable to assume that sun protection alone is not always enough. Science has long known that the antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables can kill cancer cells. The so-called polyphenols are especially effective. blueberriesAlso known as blueberries, they contain particularly large amounts – among other things, they are responsible for the bluish-purple color. For this reason, researchers took a closer look at the berry’s “anti-cancer power.” The results of their study were published in the journal “Journal of Cancer Prevention.”2

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Blueberry juice contains many antioxidants, above all: polyphenolsPhoto: Getty Images

How blueberry juice lowers the risk of skin cancer

For their investigation, the research team used juice made from wild, fully ripe blueberries, which they also found enriched with polyphenols. They then used it to treat a culture derived from human melanoma cells. Exactly 24 hours later, scientists found that blueberry polyphenols had actually consumed the skin cancer cells in the meantime. Any remaining cancer cells were no longer able to grow. Including cells of the so-called malignant melanoma – one of the most aggressive and life-threatening types of cancer.

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New hope for skin cancer treatment

There is currently no effective therapy for the treatment of malignant melanoma. Now, of all things, a simple blueberry juice gives hope. Incidentally, according to the scientists involved, there is no need for lab-made polyphenol-rich blueberries or blueberry juice to combat the deadly disease. Fresh berries and non-sugar blueberry juice regularly added to smoothies or as a snack may also reduce the risk of skin cancer.

By the way: Blueberries can do a lot more. Among other things, power fruit has been shown to relieve chronic intestinal inflammation, improve memory performance and inhibit the growth of liver cancer cells.

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