Mole Schweiger feels “a little better” after food poisoning – “What we’ve learned is this: don’t eat oysters!” – People

Mole Schweiger feels "a little better" after food poisoning - "What we've learned is this: don't eat oysters!"  - People

Bad clam!

Cinema star Til Schweiger, 57, had to cancel his participation at the premiere of his new film “The Rescue of the World Known to Us” (Theatrical Release: 11/11) on Tuesday. Reason: Schweiger contracted food poisoning. Guilt is probably the oyster…

He announced on Instagram: “I’ve had an upset stomach and unfortunately I’m lying flat. The doctor suspects food poisoning.” Earlier in the evening, Schweiger shared his two daughters Luna (24) and Emma (19). ) had feasted on seafood in a restaurant.

Til Schweiger had to cancel his premiere — he wrote this text on InstagramPhoto: Tillschweiger / Instagram

Also a premiere: the actor ate an oyster for the first time in his life. And posted the whole thing as a video on the internet. “I’ve heard they taste better with lemon,” Schweiger says. Sprinkle lemon on oysters and take empty sips.

What follows is almost better than a movie: Schweiger shakes himself, squints his eyes, washes down with a glass of wine.

At the premiere of the new Schweiger film in Lichtburg Essen, BILD was able to speak to Emma Schweiger (19), who also plays a role in the film. To You Build: “She has food poisoning, but she’s already a little better.”

Emma Schweiger and fellow actor Emilio Scaray (25)

Emma Schweiger and acting partner Emilio Scaray (25) at the premiere of “The Rescue of the World Known to Us”Photo: Getty Images

Was the oyster to blame? Emma: “I don’t know. It’s kind of weird: I’ve eaten something too and I’m fine.”

Shortly before the screening of the film, a video with a message from Till Schweiger to the premiere guests was played in the cinema.

In it the film star said: “I feel a little better. But that was really heavy yesterday. I don’t want to complain to you anymore. Thank you for your sympathy. What we learned is: don’t eat oysters! Most of all. First, it tastes absolutely disgusting and secondly, there is a danger of poisoning. Now I wish you lots of fun. I am very proud of the film.”

So Schweiger is already fine…

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