Body parts gnawed by rats: Paris anatomy scandal reaches director

Body parts gnawed by rats: Paris anatomy scandal reaches director

body parts gnawed by rats
Paris Anatomy scandal reaches out to director

The abusive treatment of donor corpses in the Parisian anatomy has left relatives disappointed for years. Now the director of the Paris-Descartes University of Justice has to answer questions: it’s about the stillness of the dead, the rodents in the dissection room, and the coffins in the refrigerator.

A former rector of the University of Paris is suspected of a body donation scam. Frederick Dardell’s lawyer confirmed the launch of a preliminary investigation against the former head of the University of Paris-Descartes. The government had in 2019 shut down the famous center for body donation in the university after media reports that dead bodies were decomposed there and body parts of dead people were sold.

The center in the Paris university district Quartier Latin was opened in 1953 and for decades was considered the “temple of anatomy” in France. Every year hundreds of people donate their bodies to the Center for Anatomical Studies. The magazine “L’Express” reported on horrific scenes in the morgue and carcasses eaten by rats in 2019. Things are said to have worsened under Dardell’s leadership, and body parts are said to have been sold illegally in some cases.

Cases of indecency have been registered against two laboratory assistants in the past as well. Dardell’s lawyer, Marie-Alix Canu-Bernard, insisted that her client had unsuccessfully urged the government to repair the center. Dardell, now 61, was an advisor to Science Minister Friedrich Vidal even after the facility closed and held a managerial position at the National Research Center CNRS.

infected corpses dissected

According to a report by the French paris match newspaper The case against Dardell opened on Friday. So the Paris judiciary is investigating the biologist for disturbing the peace of the dead. According to judicial circles, soon after taking office, he was informed several times about the appalling situation in cold stores. In early January 2012, he had received a report that several corpses were placed in equal numbers, numbers were exchanged or unidentified body parts were frozen. In addition, the bodies of people infected with HIV were dissected without informing the danger to laboratory technicians, students or doctors.

Because approved containers of exposure remains did not arrive, infectious body parts were disposed of in household waste or, in one case, even carried in the trunk of a car as an inspection was imminent, the newspaper reported. According to the reported report, the following control reports and detailed photo documentation of corpses and coffins in refrigerators eaten by rats did not reconcile deplorable conditions at the institute.

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