Storm on US Capitol: Charges rise against Olympic swimming champion Kate Keller

Storm on US Capitol: Charges rise against Olympic swimming champion Kate Keller

Olympic swimming champion Kate Keller is accused of seven counts in the US Capitol after the storm. “Washington Post” And “United States Today”.

The indictment includes participation in civil unrest, obstructing an official process, entering a closed building, misconduct in a closed building, misconduct in a Capitol building, obstruction en route through the Capitol and demonstrations at the Capitol. It originates from documents from the United States District Court in Washington.

All alleged crimes are listed here:

The federal police FBI previously identified Keller as a participant in the January 6 riots and had already identified several of them. Crime accused, Illegal and violent incursions, disturbances of public order and obstruction of security forces. It emerged from a statement published by a federal prosecutor in Washington in mid-January.

Keller was then charged on three counts. However, in a number of cases arising from the January 6 rebellion, prosecutors turned to a grand jury to see if the more serious and widespread charges were justified.

In the indictment filed on Wednesday, Keller was charged with seven counts. According to the Washington Post, the charges could result in a maximum sentence of up to 30 years. Keller’s lawyers were in the Washington Post and NBC News Initially not available for a statement. Keller himself has not yet commented on the allegations.

Investigators rely on the Capitol video that was broadcast on social media. You should confirm the presence of Keller.

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