Call of Duty: Warzone – Operator Skin makes enemies invisible

Call of Duty: Warzone - Operator Skin makes enemies invisible

Worms and glitches are not diminishing in the warzone. Now a skin makes your enemies invisible from a certain distance

Warzone seems to have been a bug and mess festival. There are frequent reports about glitches and bugs that either spoil the game for players or unfairly help them win.

This time it is a skin that makes the wearer invisible from a certain distance.

What skin is it about?

Strictly speaking, this operator is about the skin „One soul From the grinch. Is in “Aloco”– Bundles include and the shop costs 1800 cod-points.

They: CoD Tracker

That’s wrong

Youtube Scope 3 A YouTube video shows how the glitch works or looks.

So we see that the player with the skin of the “Spirit Forest” becomes invisible from 34 meters if one looks in his direction without aiming. You can still see him in the visor. It looks different if you move. With a near zoom level, the Grinch disappears at 55 meters. With a sight with at least 4x zoom level, the player has also disappeared from sight at 125 meters.

The player is still visible
Invisible from 34 meters, without aiming
At 34 meters, the grinch reappears
With a sight with a small zoom level, the player is also invisible in sight from 55 meters

The mess has been in the warzone for some time. But it was assumed that only the teammates saw the mess. Perhaps that’s why Treyarch hasn’t patched him yet. But, with people using every means to gain undue advantage, Treyork’s hands are still full. The hope, of course, is that the development studio will function as soon as there are many complaints about it.

Have you ever met an invisible grinch? Tell us!

They: Charlentel

They: Youtube / Scop3s

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