Camilla made candid announcement to Kate at Queen’s funeral

Camilla made candid announcement to Kate at Queen's funeral

Camilla with Princess Kate and their two children Prince George and Prince Charlotte after the funeral service.Image: imago / starface

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Monday is full secret family To bid farewell to the Queen at the official state funeral from Britain. There was an incident between King Charles’ wife Camilla, Princess Kate and their children George and Charlotte.

Prince George teases his younger sister

It’s been a particularly long day for Prince George, 9, and Princess Charlotte, 7, with nothing but seriousness expected from them. Just for a moment one could notice that she was calm Children Huh. After the service at Westminster Abbey, the two left in a waiting limousine with their mother Kate, step-grandmother Camilla and Aunt Meghan.

Princess Kate, their children George and Charlotte and King Charles' wife Camilla on their way to the limousine.

Princess Kate, their children George and Charlotte and King Charles’ wife Camilla on their way to the limousine.Image: imago / starface

British lip reader Jeremy Freeman analyzed the scene for the Australian broadcaster 7 News Exactly according to: George slipped into the role of the silly kid for a few moments along the way and turned his sister Charlotte to the side. Then she won, turned to her older brother and shouted: “Ouch!”

Meghan was pleased with the scene

Since Camilla was walking right next to Charlotte at the time, she saw everything and turned to Kate. Freeman was even able to trace her words: “Take that!” Camilla whispers at Kate. Kate immediately responded to the order and took her daughter’s hand. But she didn’t say anything to George all this time – after all the whole world was watching.

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Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, saw her nephew George’s little slip and was clearly happy to turn and smile at him and his sister. Meghan and Harry’s children Archie (3) and Lillibet (1) are at home United States of america left.

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Twitter praises George and Charlotte for maturity

George and Charlotte can’t be blamed for the stupidity. It’s hard for kids of that age to stay serious all day – even if it’s such an important event for the family.

Feather Twitter Both are praised for their maturity: Journalist Diana Pearl wrote in her tweet that she is incredibly proud of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Both would have mastered the day in a respectful and mature manner.

Another Twitter user is sure That the queen would also be proud of her great-grandson and great-granddaughter.

King Charles thanks the Archbishop

Another moment caught the eye of Lips reader Jeremy Freeman. King Charles thanks Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell after the funeral service Picture with the words: “Thanks, that was good Work, They were wonderful.” He got a “Welcome” in response. The Archbishop of York is the second highest bishop in the Church of England. He prayed and thus took up an important part of the service.

The seating arrangement of the royals in large ceremonies is of great importance in the British royal family. At the recent state funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II on September 19, 2022, everything was carefully planned and nothing was left to chance. The attention of the world public was also on the seating arrangement of the British royal family at Westminster Abbey, along with international and high-class guests.

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