Canada bans airport testing

Canada seeks to tighten admissions with additional tests

A statement from the Government of Canada is expected today, March 17, 2022, on the subject of lifting the test requirement when entering Canada.

Before the end of this month, the currently applicable testing requirement on arrival in Canada should be reversed, making it easier for vaccinated travelers to enter the country, such as CBC News to report. As the changes go into effect, vaccinated guests will no longer have to show a negative rapid test on the ground or by plane. However, the Canadian government has yet to make a public statement.

random trial selection

Canada holds a lot of appeal as a travel destination and there is news for those considering a local vacation. It was not only until February that the question arose whether admission without testing might be possible in the near future. All easing was already being considered at that time and has since been implemented in phases, such as the gradual lifting and elimination of vaccination certificates in the province of Quebec and other Canadian provinces by March 14, 2022 . From February 28, there is also a general rule that no negative PCR test is required on admission.

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Entry into Canada will probably be simplified.

In addition to the expected good news about the expanded easing of rapid testing lifting when entering Canada, there’s also a drop of bitterness: Even though the country is expected to lower its obligation to test upon arrival, the government is probably still a record low. Participate in randomized COVID-19 testing procedures can be read. The process has been in use since last month, when Canada began allowing rapid testing in place of PCR tests for vaccinated travelers.

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Conclusion on the planned simplification of admission

If the simplification actually comes in a form that has already been announced and approved by the government, then there is nothing in the way of a direct entry into Canada. With a random selection of tests for those entering the country, there is certainly a lesser chance that you will have to expect personal delays at the airport. However, nothing speaks against a tentative randomization theory, with the country still leaving a back door open for randomized trials. The question of how unvaccinated people will be treated in the future remains an exciting one. Currently, non-vaccinated foreign nationals wishing to visit Canada must obtain authorization from the Canadian authorities to enter Canada.

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