Canada’s adventure is over for now: Hauke ​​Tippe is hired by district football team MTV Romstad

Canada's adventure is over for now: Hauke ​​Tippe is hired by district football team MTV Romstad

Welcome to Germany: Former Union captain Hock Tippe (right) lived and worked in Canada for nearly two years.

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Canada’s adventure is over for now. Hauke ​​Tippe is back in Germany and will play for the district football team MTV Romstadt in the coming season.

Romstad – The former union Bevensson kicker has had to return home for labor law reasons but only wants to stay one season and then go back to Canada, Romstad coach Torben Tutas explained. Before being accepted, the player had already trained at MTV.

Union Bevenson, former captain of Heide-Wendland League club Union, moved to Vancouver in July 2019 to work as a roofer. He played for the Fury at the Vancouver Soccer Club in Rino in the first division of the Vancouver Metro Soccer League. The level is comparable to the top football in the district league and the median in the local district league.

Other newcomers to Romstadt are Kalle Kahlstorf and Theo Radke of JSG Roebelbach. “We are delighted to have him in our men’s team,” says Tutas. Leon Bremer also comes from JSG Roebelbach. The fourth newcomer is youth player Damon Baron (Teutonia Uelzen U18).

Michael Luer (Germania Rippdorf), Petru Borlan (Union Bevensen), Kevin Galinowski and Cedric Zizenfuss (both Wastorfer SK) left MTV.

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