Candidate Thinks Bachelor Dominic Has Betrayed

Candidate Thinks Bachelor Dominic Has Betrayed

Dominic Stuckman distributed his last rose on Wednesday.RTL

After ten weeks, the 12th season of ‘The Bachelor’ ended on Wednesday. This year Dominic Stuckman embarked on this adventure and wanted his big in the RTL dome format Love Get. As the current issue began on January 26, 2022, there were 22 women hoping to win the hearts of IT experts and entrepreneurs. After several dates and a few kisses, there were only two women who were able to achieve this goal: Jana-Maria and Anna.

While Jana-Maria was considered the favorite from the start, Anna only developed over time into a serious competitor to the other candidates. But the fact that these two finally made it to the finals should have taken some viewers by surprise. After all, Dominic made no secret of his feelings for Jana-Maria and Anna.

although both of them women Locked in his heart, Dominic could only give the last rose to a woman. Ultimately he chose Anna. Jan-Maria found it difficult to understand this decision and settled the accounts with Rosenkvalier.

Anna is the winner of 12. "Single"-Chain.

Anna is the winner of the 12th season of “The Bachelor”.RTL

Jana-Maria: Bitter words after Roseanne’s ouster

Jana-Maria seemed calm when she heard from Dominic that her heart had chosen Anna. But the Spaniard TV graduate by choice wanted to know one thing:

“But then why did you say that you had a crush on me on the last date?”

Dominic decided against Jana-Maria in the final.

Dominic decided against Jana-Maria in the final.RTL

Dominic then tried to justify himself. “I have a crush on you, but mine feeling Because Anna is even stronger.” He never thought that this would actually happen, that there were two women for whom he felt so much, he explained and said: “Now you are standing in front of me and it hurts my heart.” But the 29-year-old did not give up and then asked why Dominic had told her that he had fallen in love with her. When she again received no clear answer, she bids Dominic goodbye and wishes him and Anna the best of luck.

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In the presence of Dominic, Jana-Maria tried to pull herself together, but when she was alone automobile Sitting down, she later clearly expressed her opinion:

“I’m feeling a little spoiled. I mean, I had feelings for him. If I’d known from the beginning, I wouldn’t have given as much and wouldn’t have disclosed that much about myself.”

Jana-Maria found it difficult to hide her disappointment.

Jana-Maria found it difficult to hide her disappointment.RTL

After the reprimand, Dominic was particularly happy about one thing: “I’m glad she didn’t cry. It would break my heart.” She also admitted: “These are feelings and you can’t get over feelings so easily, even now. But it feels right, even if she is a great woman.”

Jana-Maria: “I fell in love quickly again”

Of course, the final did not end with Rose’s final prize, but there was still the big reunion, where Jana-Maria and Dominic reunited. She insisted once again that she hoped to get the last rose as she said on the last date that she had fallen in love. However, in the same breath, he also made it clear: “It wasn’t that bad for me anymore. I didn’t cry anymore. I wasn’t even sad, just disappointed. I broke up with Dominic and I can’t even remember the time.”

Jan-Maria and Dominic met again after the final.

Jan-Maria and Dominic met again after the final.RTL

And he further explained: “I fall in love easily, but I also fall in love very quickly. After a few days it was fine.” Dominic only replied that one cannot deny that something happened: “But if she falls in love again after three days, then everything is fine.” After all he didn’t give her the last rose, he gave it to Anna.

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After “The Bachelor”: Are Dominic & Anna Still A Couple?

This important question was also clarified on Wednesday: How did Dominic and Anna continue after the conclusion of “The Bachelor”? Before they could answer the question, a short film was shown showing the two of them in their daily lives together: on a walk. the Cook Or during the cozy TV evenings on the couch.

Dominic and Anna show themselves in their everyday lives.

Dominic and Anna show themselves in their everyday lives.RTL

When the video ended, moderator Frauke Ludowig asked the two if they were still together. To which Anna replied: “Actions speak louder than words in this matter” and kissed Dominic. Then he explained with a smile on his face:

“I am very, very, very happy and I am very, very, very much in love. I can’t imagine anyone better by my side.”

Anna and Dominic are still together.

Anna and Dominic are still together.RTL

Impressed by her words, Dominic said that he too was very pleased with Anna. “You have to introduce yourself since we’re out” Mexico We are back, we were never apart. She was abroad for two weeks, but other than that we were together all the time. And we haven’t had any dispute. She’s the perfect woman for me”, he drifted. Also, he pointed out that he already has a flat Founded together in Frankfurt.


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