Captain Kirk may become the oldest person in space

Captain Kirk may become the oldest person in space

From Jonathan Harshaw
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos wants to make a childhood dream come true and fly into space with William Shatner. Will the actor best known for his role as Captain Kirk also wear his Star Trek outfit?

Jeff Bezos seems to be a fan of the television series Star Trek. At least one report from the gossip portal states that tmz Closer, according to which Amazon founder William Shatner wants to fly into space or Earth orbit. Apparently, the multi-billionaire and actor should board the cockpit of Bezo’s spacecraft New Shepard in early October 2021. Of course, Shatner is best known for his role as Captain Kirk in the television series Star Trek.

With Captain Kirk in Space

The question is who originally got the deal. It’s quite possible that Bezos is a huge Star Trek fan, at least that’s what TMZ suggests. So Shatner can fly into space for free and not have to pay several million dollars. But it may also be the aging actor’s desire to actually see the earth from above, as he has often done in his role. Shatner is now 90 years old and will be the oldest person in space. This will probably further cement his legendary position among science fiction fans.

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The journey into space is reportedly to be filmed for a documentary. So Bezos must have at least a PR bonus. Money will hardly be important to him, but his public representation also plays a part for some super-rich like Bezos. In this case, it’s easy to imagine that William Shatner actually enters the spacecraft in full Star Trek gear as Captain Kirk. One last major production at the end of a long acting career.

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