Caution, smoothness! Accidents occur in Leipzig area due to weather

Caution, smoothness!  Accidents occur in Leipzig area due to weather

Due to slippery road, there were accidents on A9 and B2 on Monday evening.

Leipzig – There were many accidents on the streets of Leipzig on Monday evenings and Tuesday nights – the weather was to blame.

The truck crashed into the railing on the A9. © Leipzig Deployment

A slippery road warning was issued to all people of Saxony on Monday morning (TAG24) due to frosty temperatures. Nevertheless, some motorists took to the streets – not all of them took this risk lightly.

There was already a blast at Johannisplatz in the center of Leipzig at around 6pm on Monday (TAG24 reported).

A short time later, a truck on the A9 in the direction of Berlin slipped on a mirror-smooth road at the Leipzig-West exit and crashed into a railing. The tractor and trailer slid into each other. Fortunately, the driver was not injured and there were traffic restrictions on the A9 while the accident was being recorded.

Something similar happened around 10.30 pm on B2 in Gruduben: Due to weather conditions a car might have overturned and lay on its side. The driver had to be taken to the hospital in an injured state. The main road was closed during rescue operations.

Caution is also advised on Tuesday: A few centimeters of fresh snow will not calm the situation.

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