You will not find these functions in WhatsApp

You will not find these functions in WhatsApp

If you want to switch from WhatsApp, you will get a good option in Messenger Signal. It even has many functions that WhatsApp cannot find. We will show you how to use them.

Courier The hint Is considered a popular choice for WhatsApp. In terms of functionality, the programs are similar in many ways, so it is easy to get started. But Signal also offers some features that WhatsApp does not provide. We show what they are and how you can use them.

How to start with the signal in general Read here. Some suggestions on the most important settings Can be found in this lesson.

Pixelate face automatically

Can withstand on signal The photos Pixelate. WhatsApp also allows users to cover the face using emoji or stickers. However, you must do this manually for each individual face. The signal can do this automatically. This is how it works:

  1. Before submitting, tap on the pixel symbol above. You can find it next to the sticker and pen symbol.
  2. At the bottom, tapAglow face“.
  3. The signal should now automatically blur all faces. If this is not the case, or if you want to blur other areas, you can now move your finger over the corresponding area.

Photos have been automatically deleted

The signal provides the act of deleting a picture immediately after seeing another person. The photos are then not saved in the signal conversation and thus do not occupy any temporary storage. If the chat partner noticed the medium, it is also removed on their device. To use the function, click the infinity symbol at the bottom left of the left shortly before sending the image. Now instead of the infinity symbol “1x“Must be selected.

Hide ip address

If you Ip address If you want to hide this from your call partner while calling, you can do so in the menu “Data security” to do this.

  1. Open “Adjustment“To do this, tap on your abbreviation at the top three points on the top left or top right, and then”Adjustment“(Android only).
  2. Select “Data Protection” here.
  3. Scroll down on the menu “Communications“Activate more options”Calls are always indirect“.

For example, your IP address can be used to determine your approximate location. If you activate the function, your call partner will receive the signal server’s address instead of your IP address. The signal suggests that this option may degrade call quality.


Who wants to stop it smart FoneThe keyboard records user input (and thus can predict words), activating the secret keyboard setting under the signal. The signal then signals the keyboard to turn off individual learning. However, the messenger also states that the smartphone may ignore this request. You can find the option for this under “Settings” under “Data Protection”. Choose here “Incognito-Testature”.

Enable missing message

With messages missing, you can determine when to read messages from one Chat Should disappear. The signal provides a duration from five seconds to a week. With WhatsApp, however, the duration is limited to one week. Everywhere “Gloomy news“To activate the signal, proceed as follows:

  1. Open a chat with the user and tap their name at the top.
  2. Choose “Gloomy news“, A menu opens.
  3. Select the desired duration here.

Write yourself a note

If you want to put something down, but pen and paper do not work, you can use the signal to write the message yourself. The function is called “Pay attention to me“To use it, click on the contact list”Write“Pencil symbol in the bottom right and search above)”Pay attention to me” On.

As a normal chat conversation, you can now compose messages, attach pictures or other media, record voice messages, or activate the “Missing messages” function.

Reply to messages with emojis

This function is particularly useful in group chat: tap and hold on the desired chat with your finger. Some emojis now appear with which you can react to related chats – similar to Facebook. If you tap on three dots next to emojis, you can choose from all emojis.

Activate screen protection

If you have the option “screen guard“Activate, the signal forbids taking screenshots in the app on your device. This can be useful for you to prevent a third-party app or Trojan horse from taking screenshots of your chat. However, this function will allow it to Doesn’t stop that chat. Peers can take screenshots on their device.screen guard“Can be found in the settings in the menu”Data security“.

Use signal as sms app

If you activate this function, the incoming SMS will end up in the signal instead of another program. Please note, however, that SMS – unlike signal messages – are not encrypted. In theory, third parties can read more easily. The signal usually asks if it should manage the SMS after the first start. Otherwise activate the function as follows:

  1. Open Adjustment.
  2. At the top, tapSMS and MMS
  3. Select the options you want here. For example, you can also set a signal to send an SMS delivery report.

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