“Celebrity Big Brother” star Udo Bonstrup has cancer

"Celebrity Big Brother" star Udo Bonstrup has cancer

Udo Bönstrup began the new week with a shocking message for his fans: The comedian was diagnosed with black skin cancer two weeks earlier. Now the 26-year-old had to be operated.

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“It was a really tight box,” Udo Bonstrup told his followers on Instagram on Monday evening. “I was diagnosed with black skin cancer about two weeks ago.” The comedian pricked his ears when one of his mole “got itchy”.

Then he received his diagnosis two weeks ago. “Black skin cancer is not something to be despised. It’s an incredibly dangerous thing,” he knows today. Now the birthmark has been removed. “That’s why I had an operation today. The thing is over now. It has become a big cut,” the 26-year-old continued. In his story, he shared a picture showing what his birthmark looked like to which he was concerned.

It resembled Udo’s birthmark. (Source: Instagram / Udo Bonstrup)

YouTuber now asks his fans: “Go to the dermatologist, get your checkup done!” He himself always took everything “lightly”. “As far as the solarium is concerned. I am always lying under the toaster, I lie in the blazing sun.” With that, “Thank God everything went well,” the internet star breathed a sigh of relief. “I now have to have a check-up every three months.”

Udo Bönstrup, whose real name is Hendrik Nitschs, became famous as a comedian on YouTube. Some trash TV fans should also know the 26-year-old from the eighth season of “Celebrity Big Brother”. Last year, comedians sat in containers with stars such as Aces Haftgold, Amy Rus and Simone Makey-Ballack. He was twelfth at that time.

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