“Club house” in political communication – close to civic or special place?

"Club house" in political communication - close to civic or special place?


“Club house” in political communication – close to civic or special place?

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Social media has been a part of everyday life for many people over the years. Make it up from time to time Famous players Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat frequently New platforms Millions of users To reach. After Tik Tok has become an integral part of many people’s lives, the app was created a few weeks ago. “Club House” One Publicity For construction. But what exactly is a clubhouse? How does the app work? Can app Useful for political communication Is used and is privacy concerns a reasonable concern?

Online event live on facebook and zoom

To answer these questions, Union Foundation on Wednesday, March 24 at 6.30 pm., To Online event Together Kevin bom And Stefan Hessel From Saarland digitization think tank for Algoright eV And this Member for the Bundestag Nadine Schön (CDU). The event may end Zoom and facebook To be monitored

Unfortunately, Android users have to stay out

As is the number of users of the app a few weeks ago “Club House” Certainly not surprised Android userWhy the promotion has passed by you. Explanation: The application is still Especially in the Apple App Store available. But even beyond that, not everyone can use the app. Interested users can only log into the app if they are from someone Invited Using the application. Everyone can do it right in the beginning Invites 2 However spread over time Regular activities may increase. Due to this Promotion peak Invitation to award in high Double digit limit On EBAY Sold out

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What is a “club house” anyway?

On “Club House” Is this Audiobooksier social-media-app. In the so-called rooms, users can contact Various subjects Change. Both Public as well as private spaces To be opened Users have the option of “only” to listen to Or as The speaker Active on Discussions To participate. There is always one or more MediatorRoom for who count Should worry Stage exclusivity This ensures that many have the opportunity to live in it. Comparatively small groups Together Experts or celebrities From Various subject areas to get in touch.

The image

Politician Nadine Shaun (CDU) Photo: Tobias Koch

Politicians and business tycoons at the clubhouse

No wonder Many politicians and business leaders Have discovered the app for yourself. So are for example Tesla- Grounder Elon Musk Or even Saarland Economics Minister Anke Rahlinger Active on stage. This also Saarland Member of the Bundestag And Deputy Leader of CDU / CSU Parliamentary Group For regions “Family, Seniors, Women and Youth” Such as “Digital Agenda”, Nadine Shone Active on “Club House”. together with Kevin bom And Stefan Hessel From Saarland digitization think tank for Algoright eV She discusses, among other things, whether for the app Close to citizen Can worry or through them Specialty This is what stops. In addition, there are topics that are often criticized in the app Data security For discussion.

Algoright EV Is one Association of Young Scientists outside Various subjectsThose who have their knowledge Tension between digitization and society Want to convey publicity and understanding. The association organizes Events or lectures And provides Scientific and strategic advice On. In my The blog Write on Trends in Science, Economy and Society.

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Will be held 6.30 pm on Wednesday 24 March. Can finish more instead Zoom and facebook To be monitored

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Photo: Union Foundation

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