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24.11.2021 – 09:37

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The Digital Congress of the Netzwerk Digitale Bildung was a total success with over 2,000 participants having lively discussions with experts in science and practice over the course of three days. “The placement of key socio-political questions about digital education, as well as specific training for teachers that some want to implement immediately, have clearly hit the nerve,” said Dr. Sarah Henkelmann. The network’s spokesperson moderated several panel discussions, including Heinz-Peter Meidinger, President of the German Teachers Association, Dr. Volker Teitel, scientific director of the Academy of All Day Schooling, and Ulrike Giesner-Bogner, director of cultural mediation with Austrian schools. Important thesis in this round include the call for Digital Pact II, greater professionalism in tackling IT in local schools and the central role of learning and focus on people, in line with the motto that preceded technology. You can find all the recordings here to watch:

“We want to take many of the ideas and impulses from Congress and pursue them,” Dr. Henkelmann. “With plans already in place for further events, our expert community and funding partner are continuing the approach and with our new collection will be an educational benchmark for digital transformation and its possibilities and opportunities in German-speaking countries.” It also reflects other topics of the Congress, which took place online from 10 to 12 November: “Education in the Digital Age”, “Fake News – How Do I Tell My Children?”, “The Education of the Future Is Possible in Europe”, “Digital Cultural Mediation”, “Best Practices for Funders”, “Flipped Classrooms” and many other tips from everyday school life.

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Digitalpakt II and more practice in teacher training – so it will work digitally too

On the topic “Teacher Training for the Future”, a top-class panel of experts discussed the potential of digital concepts, including across different types of schools. Professor Dr. Susan Lin-Klitzing, Federal Chairman of the German Association of Philologists (DPhV), Jürgen Böhm, President of the Association of Real Schools (VDR), Gerlaine Kohl, Federal Chairman of the Catholic Educational Community (KEG), Joachim Maik, President Heinz-Peter Meidinger, President of the Federal Association of Teachers (BVLB) for Vocational Education and Training and once again the German Teachers Association. The heads of the association agreed that there is an urgent need to be more practical in teacher training and misunderstood that digital transformation is displacing the teacher personality from the center of teaching. The opposite is the case. And the dangers of reducing the quality of training due to acute shortage of teachers were also discussed.

Teach the skills of the future for digital transformation today

Another well attended event related to AI, Artificial Intelligence in the classroom. Alexander Schmeiden, founder and managing director of JUST ASKI GmbH and initiator Bildungsrebel, Sandro Cosimo DeGiorgi, teacher of computer science and mathematics at Nagold Commercial School and Martin Schmeidel, board member of the Society for Communal Digitization AG, supported Dr. Henkelmann on the importance of AI in schools. It was quickly agreed that such futuristic technologies and futuristic skills are critical to digital transformation – especially if they are well designed from an educational perspective and also allow for ethical discussion and potential applications in education. . Because how should young people discover unprecedented developments in their future professional lives or even use them in everyday life if they lack basic technical understanding?

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In addition, many participants in the Congress had the opportunity to participate in the discussion in the chat ceremony and put their own topics on the agenda, which was very well received. Funding partners’ exhibition stand rounded out the congress included Smart Technologies (Germany) GmbH, Intel Corporation, Jabra (GN Audio Germany GmbH), COMMSCOPE, Clavister GmbH, Macom GmbH and Stabilo International GmbH. There were also opportunities for further information and networking at the virtual stand, which was also the clear objective of the event.

All information about Digital Congress can be found here:

You can get the new collection here:

And a recording of the exciting Congressional contribution can be found here:

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