Denmark seeks asylum centers abroad

Denmark seeks asylum centers abroad

dDenmark’s parliament passed a law with a clear majority on Thursday to allow asylum seekers to be accommodated in so-called asylum centers outside Denmark. The social democratic government introduced the law, which has led to discussions in the country over the past few weeks. The bourgeois party Venstre has recently indicated its support. 70 lawmakers voted in favor of the law, 24 against.

Matthias Visuva

Political correspondent for Northern Germany and Scandinavia based in Hamburg.

From the perspective of the Danish government, the new regulation creates a legal framework for reaching agreements with third countries on the establishment of such asylum centres. However, no third country has yet agreed to do so – so it remains to be seen whether the legislation will actually have concrete consequences. It was also criticized by the Venstre Party. The future settlement is now to be reintroduced to folklore. According to its own information, the Danish government is currently in talks with five to ten countries. According to the plans, Denmark wants to finance the potential centers, while their administration will be done by the third country concerned. The responsible migration minister, Mattias Tesfaye, caused a sensation with a visit to Rwanda in April, but was unable to reach a concrete agreement there too.

UNHCR warns of ‘domino effect’

In the future, refugees should be able to apply for asylum at the Danish border, but will then be brought to a reception center in a third country. People should stay where their asylum applications are being processed. If it is rejected, they will not only have to leave the center but also leave the third country. if you Hospital Upon receipt, they will be able to live as a recognized refugee in a third country. The European Union criticized the Danish approach. This is not compatible with existing EU rules or the new agreement for migration and asylum, Ritzau news agency quoted a spokesman for the EU Commission as saying.

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United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) criticized the Danish way. The law is “incompatible with the principles of international refugee cooperation,” said the UNHCR representative in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Heinrich Nordentoft, according to Ritzau. Denmark runs the risk of triggering the “domino effect” and other countries may also severely restrict the protection of refugees.

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