Top Athlete Mathias Meester: “I have a disability! Period!”

Top Athlete Mathias Meester: "I have a disability! Period!"
WATCH IN VIDEO: #Voxstimme – Top athlete Mathias Meester calls for more solidarity and humanity.

Hello! I am Mathias Meester, a four-time world and four-time European champion in javelin throw, a 2008 silver medalist in shotput in Beijing, so a great athlete. Well, let’s say that one is successful, because at 1,425m I am anything tall, about a meter shorter than my spear.
Still: I wouldn’t say I have a handicap, I’m not a golfer. I have a handicap! Point!
Do you now ask yourself: what should the Dwarf Rebellion do? loosen up!! Please calm down! No one is perfect, not even you! You yourself know this best. And also where are your weaknesses: too fat, too thin, too big, too small. The matter with me is clear. I don’t have any problem with it. And you don’t have to either.
The Paralympic Games in Tokyo will conclude next Sunday. For almost two weeks, my fellow athletes were the center of attention, once again showing the world what they were capable of despite their disabilities.
Yes, we need this attention, but not only every four years, but also in everyday life, which starts all over again for us from now on.
Don’t whisper about us, whisper to us. Don’t laugh at us, laugh with us. Just treat us normally. By which? What is normal? Am I too young or are you all too big? Opinion matter!
Don’t be hard like a spear. Meet us at eye level, you don’t have to bow down. It will be really big!

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