Depot Changed: Netflix, Microsoft, Alphabet and Facebook Shares Sold: SoftBank Shares With US Tech Giants | news

Depot umgestellt: Aktien von Netflix, Microsoft, Alphabet und Facebook verkauft: SoftBank trennt sich von US-Techgiganten

SoftBank was still a “NASDAQ whale” last year
Tech-Grain sold out in Q2 of 2021
SoftBank’s profit dropped significantly in the second quarter

The tide has turned at SoftBank for tech stocks. As recently as last September, the Financial Times revealed that the investment firm had acquired a large amount of call options on stocks of the major US tech giant over the course of months, causing several rallies in stocks and calling SoftBank the “NASDAQ whale”. met. .

But the optimism about the tech giants seems to be over. As the most recent quarterly data from the Japanese conglomerate showed, the depot of SoftBank’s trading vehicle SB Northstar was in great turmoil.

Tech-Grain shares sold

Because SoftBank still held billions of Facebook and Microsoft shares at the end of March, just as Alphabet and Netflix’s Papers are worth hundreds of millions of US dollars, shareholders eventually chose the names of tech giants in a technology investor’s portfolio. searched. of June. Shares of Adobe, Salesforce and PayPal were also sold. Online retail giant Amazon remained only in the portfolio, with investments falling from US$6.2 billion to US$5.6 billion.

The massive sell-off in the portfolio value of the SB Northstar investment vehicle was also noticeable: while it was valued at US$19 billion at the end of the first quarter of 2021, it was only US$13.6 billion at the end of June.

SoftBank profits fall sharply

The second quarter of 2021 has been generally moving for SoftBank so far not round at all. Net income fell 39 percent to 762 billion yen. The increasing pressure of Chinese officials on the country’s tech companies had a special effect here. Although technology investor Uber was able to score points with its stake in competitor DiDi, other investments suffered greatly from increased regulation.

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