Destroy all humans! Nintendo Switch • to be released on June 29 for Nintendo Connect

Destroy all humans!  Nintendo Switch • to be released on June 29 for Nintendo Connect

According to legend, the most spectacular inventions have been made in garages. Really clever schemes hit the ceramic altar! more than one Press release That’s all we learned Destroy all humans! On June 29, 2021 Nintendo Switch will land. Then you will soon be able to enjoy the game in the bathroom too!

Nintendo SwitchVersion of Destroy all humans! The skin pack comes with all previously available skins made for the game, including the DLC. The standard version will be available for € 39.99 (RRP). In addition, the game will also be available in two Collector Editions (in EU and UK only).

Crypto-137 version, With the Crypto-137 figure, a Crypto backpack, key chain, 6 lithographs, anti-stress toys, and all Crypto skins in the game in a premium box are available for € 399.99 (RRP). You can watch the trailer for the Crypto-137 version here:

Dna collector edition, The Crypto’N’Cow figure, key ring, 6 lithographs, anti-stress toys and premium box with all crypto-skins in the game is available for € 149.99 (RRP). You can watch the trailer for the DNA version here:

All about destroying humans!

The cult classic is back, preparing for an all-out invasion on July 28, 2020! Terrorize the inhabitants of Earth in the 1950s as evil alien crypto-137. Overthrow the US government in a remake of Harvest DNA and the legendary Alien action adventure. Use alien weapons and psychic abilities to wipe out the punished people. Put your cities in rubble and ashes!

A big step on humanity !!
Destroy all humans! Is a cult classic and one of the few games that really makes you laugh out loud. Many games are inspired by comic fiction, accessible open-world shooter action, and a completely insane arsenal. But there can only be one Cryptosporidium: the inhuman alien with the voice of an angry Jack Nicholson and the disposition of a xenomorph on steroids.

So step forward and enjoy the show!
Only to destroy all humans! You can explore 1950s idyllic American cities, read to citizens to experience their deepest desires… and then land these very cities with the powerful death ray of your UFO pushed!


  • Use your kidnapping beam to throw the tank around!
  • Use your psychological powers to crush a farmer under your cow!
  • Find out which seemingly 50s housewife is secretly in her hairdresser!
  • Gradually, a man was beaten to death with his own cap!
  • Beat your opponents with Teslastic lightning and turn night into day!
  • Tax. One. vast. Kick. For humanity!

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