Scenario Three: How it can run for Jerome Boateng after saying goodbye to FC Bayern

Scenario Three: How it can run for Jerome Boateng after saying goodbye to FC Bayern

Now for ten years Jerome Boteng is one of the big names in the game in Bayern Munich. At the end of the current season, however, the methods will fall apart, as Sports Director Hassan Salihadzik confirmed ahead of the Champions League quarter-final against Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday evening. The 32-year-old Munich is one of the most successful German footballers in history “through big goals” (Salihamidzik). With World Cup titles, two Club World Cup wins, five DFB Cup wins, as well as two Champions League and eight Championship Trophies in his baggage (one title can be added to both competitions), he can see his future in peace – Because the natives of Berlin should not be lacking in any way.


The question is what Boteng has done in the last three, four or five years of his career. Does he want to go abroad again after a decade in the Bundesliga and after 355 games of FCB so far? Or would he like to be with German football? Of sportBuyer calls Three possible scenarios for the future of the game Of the world champion.

Top-level title hunt: the move to a European giant?

Recently, Boateng had always expressed a desire to expand into Bayern – but he was also open to new things. “I wouldn’t say where he played for Manchester City in 2010/11,” Botang said of a possible return to England last summer. “I love watching the Premier League, I also loved playing there.” He will be “definitely ready” to re-sign with an English club. The number of clubs raising their lavish salaries (Bayern should be around 10 million euros per year) is limited. Common suspects come into question: FC ChelseaWhere he could expand the German contingent under Thomas Tuschel should be just as an option Tottenham Hotspur And Manchester unitedHe has been exploring options for central defense for years. The Red Devils had an interest three years earlier, with Botang being canceled at the time.

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It behaved very similarly Paris Saint Germain And Juventus Turin, The two are already close to a commitment from the world champions. The Italians canceled a move two years ago because they did not receive Daniel Ragani shortly before the goal was closed. In the summer, however, the club could again become an option, as after a disappointing season, the team is unlikely to be uprooted – and Juve has built a reputation in recent years, especially with free transfer stars. Pleased to strike with. Apart from PSG, who is said to have long been interested in German, Juve should have good cards at Boateng Poker.

Thinking outside the box: new horizons in North America?

Or does Boteng Schweinsteinagar? Like his colleague on the World Championship team from Rio, who played two years at the Chicago Fire at the end of his glamorous career, the central defender may also be drawn overseas again. North American Major League Soccer Well known stars of European football have been known for years to put up a new challenge before the end of their careers. Currently, star striker Gonzalo Higuain (formerly Juve, Napoli and Chelsea), Boateng’s rival in the 2014 World Cup final and French world champion Blais Matuidi is currently playing in MLS. The USA or Canada option for Boateng is comparatively unlikely, as the 32-year-old is completely in the juice and should (still) prefer more attractive and more sporty offers for adventure.

Development work in the capital: back to old love Hertha?

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Yes really why not Hertha BSCThe The capital club wants to have a higher objective with investor Tenner in the coming years and grow with a pound that Boteng cannot offer any other club house. Eventually, the defender was born in Berlin, not far from Olympic Stadium, grew up in Charlottenburg and began her career with an old woman, for whom she played eleven professional games before transferring to Hamburger SV.

Hertha’s former manager Michael Pretz once “trained at Hertha, went through the academy.” “The boy took his roots here and made incredible growth.” This much-cited cycle can certainly end with an emotional comeback – as it is well known that Herta and Berlin are close to the heart of the pre-international. Thanks to Tenner, the currently stumbling Berliner who wants to continue dreaming (and thinking) under managing director Carsten Schmidt should also be able to financially undertake such a comeback campaign. Perhaps he will take his half-brother Kevin-Prince, who is also crazy about Hertha, with him …

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