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Metroid Dread

Since October 8 is together metroid dread The latest part of the series about bounty hunter Samus Aran, available for Nintendo Switch. In our test We honored the series’ grand return with top ratings. Aside from the playful qualities, we were particularly impressed with the game’s technology in testing. Metroid Dread scores not only with a detailed world, but also with great animations and great performances.

digital foundry, a specialist in technical analysis of video games, has now submitted a detailed review of Samus Aran’s new adventure. Colleagues are also very excited about the title’s technology. Metroid Dread runs at a resolution of 1600 x 900 in TV mode with a continuous refresh rate of 60 FPS. According to Digital Foundry, the technical parameters for a Nintendo Switch game are impressive.

Colleagues are also influenced by the environmental impacts of sport. In particular, the water animations and wide areas of play are praised. The performance in handheld mode is to be on par with that of TV mode. Below you will find the full analysis for yourself.

How do you rate Metroid Dread’s technology?

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