“Super Mario 64” Sold For Over One Million Dollars – The World’s Most Expensive Game | life and wisdom

"Super Mario 64" Sold For Over One Million Dollars - The World's Most Expensive Game |  life and wisdom

Childhood memories wake up…

An unlocked “Super Mario 64” game for the Nintendo 64 garnered incredible sales at an auction in Dallas, Texas. The auction winner paid US$1.56 million (about 1.3 million euros) for the game, which is now 25 years old.

The video game sold on Sunday in the state of Texas is the first to change hands for more than a million dollars. It is not yet known who was given permission to take the open box home.

Video game expert Valerie McLucky at the auction house said after the auction that she was surprised that a game had sold for more than a million dollars.

Just two days earlier, the cult video game “The Legend of Zelda” from 1987 achieved a previous record of $870,000 (EUR 732,000). The two video games were auctioned off by Dallas-based auction house Heritage Auctions.

Retro video games have become increasingly popular with collectors in recent years, driving up the prices of vintage consoles and video game cartridges at auction. Pokemon trading cards also fetch record value in auctions over and over again.

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