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He cares about his shelf: An Aldi customer gets annoyed when he sees it. There Aldi Spices is to blame.

Bremen – It’s always good to pay attention to the little things. reddit It provides excellent opportunities for this. Because the network not only talks about the big issues of the world, but deposit receiptsjokes (see photo gallery below), a rare bonus in aldi vegetable oil And a “Children’s Meat Sausage Steps”.

Eddie Spices became a topic on Reddit – Shelf doesn’t matter

were there now Aldi– Spices on the topic. Or rather: the collection that the user has on their shelves at home. The given location is Bremen, and the user is clearly a regular customer discounters, When he took a closer look at his Aldi spice collection, he noticed something: nothing just happens together! Or as he puts it: “mildly infuriating: the sizes of these condiments, all bought from Aldi”.

Bad, Just Bad: A view of Aldi Spices. © Reddit

The photo also shows how incompatible it is with Aldi Spices: Neither jar has the same height. Neither does the label, which sometimes sits on top and sometimes more down – unless the customer has pushed it around, which is unlikely. Small differences, big impact: 1,200 responses per vote in the first 15 hours. and over 140 comments.

Eddie Spices Incompatible – But Why?

Are the differences due to the respective purchase dates? Or are there other jars for other spices? Commendable theories have been put forward. “Presumably they’re all filled by different producers in different countries. And glasses suppliers may not have the same rulers everywhere,” says one user.

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Another writes: “You can see the construction sites on the back. Some come from Dissen (Fuchs Group ((Fuchs, Ostmann, Bio Wagner, Schuhbeck, …))). Another part comes from other manufacturers. But it depends on which one wins which tender. The conjecture for the spice is based on insider knowledge and what remains unclear.

Spice Trouble! Aldi’s discovery causes strange reactions

Many people don’t take the “spice problem” so seriously anyway and let off steam in the comments. “That would annoy the sage in me a lot” and “There’s nothing that affects you more emotionally, right?” they write. Or also: “Relax, you would still be a very wealthy person in the 15th century.”

One suggestion goes like this: “You can cut small coasters out of cardboard and place several under them according to the difference in height. Then they are all the same height. I hope I have helped you.” And perhaps the best tip comes from “FiresideCatsmile”: just sort them out! “Make chili, paprika, cinnamon, curry, garlic, marjoram, oregano, basil, chives, parsley, think it’ll taste better then.” There are hundreds of likes for suggestions. Obviously, the little things can be a lot of fun. Like the potential DPD failure of the year, which recently caused a stir on Reddit, (Lynn)

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