You can look forward to these new classics

You can look forward to these new classics

In September we get Sly Cooper and more on PS Plus Premium.

In August, the PS Plus line-up was disappointing for premium users. The new games did not include a single classic and therefore did not have a title specifically for the most expensive subscription version. However, things are looking much better in September. We’re getting six new classics this month, more than we’ve had since the service launched.

  • When will the new PS Plus premium titles go live? on 20 september

These are the new classics on PS Plus Premium in September

Classic Highlight of the Month: Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper Trilogy - PlayStation Vita Edition Gameplay Trailer


Sly Cooper Trilogy – PlayStation Vita Edition Gameplay Trailer

That’s what it’s about: The highlight for many fans this month should definitely be the Sly Cooper series about the eponymous thief raccoon. In addition to the Sly Collection, which includes Sly Raccoon, Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, you can also stream the PS3 spin-off of the series with Sly Cooper: Time Chase. In jump and run games you prove yourself to be a master thief by stealing from other criminals. Not only do you have to jump, climb and sneak, but you also have to complete various mini-games.

If you want more information, here’s the test for the latest branch of the chain:

time travel through the zoo


Sly Cooper: Time Chase Review

time travel through the zoo

Want to know what other games are coming to PS Plus Essentials and PS Plus Extra/Premium this month? You can find the overview here:

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All information about the new PS Plus model

Are you looking to change your subscription or get one, but still unsure which of the three new PS Plus tiers to choose from? In our Info Hub you will find all the important information about PS Plus. In this we clarify important questions like prices and explain the benefits that come with each subscription.

Also don’t forget PS Plus games in August! If you haven’t seen August’s PS Plus Essentials games yet, you should hurry because they’re only available for a few days. What titles were included in August and are they a good fit for youYou can find out in the article.

What do you say about the new classic titles, is there something for you?

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