Donald Trump is gathering powerful Republicans – and working on his future

Donald Trump is gathering powerful Republicans - and working on his future

Donald Trump is in the process of fitting Republicans as he sees fit. For this, he is setting up a powerful action committee from his golf department in Mar-a-Lago.

  • Donald Trump Despite two impeachment trials and out of office, he is the most powerful Republican figure.
  • In their golf department March-a-lago He is tampering with the future of his party.
  • All information and news about the 45th President of the United States can be found Trump-news

Palm Beach / Washington DC – Donald TrumpIt is sure so far, would like to have luck Republican Continue to run and align the party as you wish. That is in line with the desire of Republican voters, about two-thirds of whom want to remain party leaders, according to various polls. Now the former US president is joining in the planning and planning with his most important allies: a political organization that collects huge sums of money and uses it in election campaigns that are loyal to Trump Candidate: Within Should be stuck.

Donald Trump set up political action committee to raise funds

Donald Trump There is a plan of a so-called super-PAC (PAC means for Political Action Committee) to implement its ideas. Unlike PACs for officers, who have limited amounts of money to collect from individual donors, Super PACs can collect and spend unlimited amounts. Already has a large number of donors: from inside Republican Signs of readiness to involve millions in Trump’s political fighting organization.

Strong man of Republican Now called in my golf department March-a-lago In Palm Beach, the circle of its closest and most loyal strategists came together for the first time to pursue the plan for the Super-Pac. The leader of this circle is Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr., his former campaign managers Bill Stephen, Brad Parscale and Justin Clarke, former White House social media director, Dan Squino, and current senior adviser to former president, Jason. Miller.

Donald Trump planned to reorganize the Republicans according to his will.

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Donald Trump plans to line up Republicans for US midterm elections in 2022

It is planned to list it in the first phase Republican Candidate: Inside To decisively influence the US midterm election in 2022. According to information from the American news magazine “Politico”, Stefan and Clarke are worked with Donald Trump To help decide which Candidate: Within Former president in Preponderance Of Republican will support. Trump’s support is still being sought, as his fan base is considered to be decisive in the Republican success or failure Applications.

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Of the meeting participants March-a-lago It states that Stepien and Clarke must conduct a process after which it is determined whether Candidate One respectively Candidate By the standards of Donald Trump The “qualified” party is enough to gain the support of the patron. The decisive norm is the spread of unconditional loyalty to Trump and his statement of an allegedly stolen presidential election.

Donald Trump plans to “revenge” Republican candidates on “retaliation”

One Republican: InsideDuring the second impeachment process for impeachment of Donald Trump Voted, “Revenge” must be taken, it is said to the circles in the meeting March-a-lago Is presented. Donald Trump himself was handed a list of “apostates” after a vote in the House of Representatives, in which ten Republican lawmakers voted in favor of the Democrat proposal, and then announced several times that they would be another Candidate Wants to interrupt.

Apart from MPs who are in the House of Representatives and Senate for impeachment Donald Trump Voted, other prominent members of the party are in the list of former presidents. This should include the Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, among others. Kemp did not bow to Trump when he tried to persuade him publicly and over the phone to win the election. Joe Biden In traditional Republican To declare Hochberg null and void based on allegations of unsafe election fraud.

Donald Trump is the patron of loyal Republican candidates

But next to the key members of Republican, Whose political career Donald Trump There are people whom the former president wants to promote. It should include Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Jerry Moran. Under Trump, White House press secretary Huckabee Sanders has a good chance of achieving the position of governor in Arkansas, while US Senator Moran is also aiming for governor in Kansas.

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How important these positions are in anticipation of the 2024 presidential election is becoming clear these days. In 43 US states, local legislators have introduced bills from the ranks of Republican lawmakers that could have a significant impact on the election result. In many states, for example, Republican and especially Donald Trump Unpopular postal votes are made more difficult.

43 US states have submitted drafts to amend electoral laws to suit Donald Trump

In Arizona, there is even a law requiring the state representative body to be able to disregard the voters’ vote in the event of “reasonable doubt” and send voters to the electoral college on its own initiative. This would actually mean a shift of state power away from the will of the population in favor of elected representatives on the site.

In Michigan, the Republican majority of the House of Representatives, too, closely addressed allegations of electoral fraud from the House. Donald Trump To orient Trump invited Republican lawmakers from the same state to his hotel in Washington DC in late November 2020, among them Lee chatfield, President of the Michigan House of Representatives. His pictures were mounted on the outer wall of his hotel, and were then photographed by members of Parliament as he placed high-priced champagne bottles at Trump’s hotel Dom Perignon Learned. (Mirko Schmid)

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