Hurricane investigation committee at US Capitol: Trump files suit against summons

Hurricane investigation committee at US Capitol: Trump files suit against summons

Status: 11/12/2022 8:27 AM

Former US President Trump is resisting his summons by the investigative committee into the attack on the Capitol. His lawyers filed the suit. He argued that Trump could not be forced to testify.

Former US President Donald Trump has filed a suit against the summons before the Investigative Committee in connection with the attack on the US Capitol. His lawyers called the summons “invalid, illegal and unenforceable”. He argued that the former president, nearly 22 months after leaving office, still has executive privileges and cannot be forced by Congress to testify.

The committee had asked Trump to testify under oath in person in court starting Monday. He was also asked to provide a comprehensive list of documents and communications relating to the storming of the Capitol.

Trump’s confidants questioned

Hundreds of radical Trump supporters did on January 6, 2021 capital storm, when Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election was to be finally confirmed. The storm caused panic across the world with five dead and around 140 injured police officers.

Weeks ago, Trump spread the false claim that massive election fraud had robbed him of a second term. In a speech just before he stormed the Capitol, he called on his followers to fight “whatever it is”.

The Parliamentary Inquiry Committee has been trying to unravel the background of the attack on Parliament for the past one year. Several former Trump confidants were interviewed. The results of Tuesday’s mid-term Congressional elections are crucial for the inquiry committee’s further work. Although not all results are available, a majority is emerging for Republicans. These are likely to quickly dissolve the inquiry committee at the start of the new parliamentary year in January.

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Trump is expected to announce his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election next Tuesday. He had already promised a “huge announcement” for the day. Jason Miller, a longtime adviser to Trump, confirmed similar assumptions on Friday. Trump will announce his re-election to the presidency on Tuesday.

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