Joe Biden’s Democrats Defend Senate Majority

Joe Biden's Democrats Defend Senate Majority

Washington. In the US Congressional elections, President Joe Biden’s Democrats defended their majority in the Senate, securing a significant political victory. The AP news agency and major US television stations reported Saturday evening (local time) counting votes as they were able to hold on to a hard-fought Senate seat in the state of Nevada. This gives the Democrats the necessary number of senators to control the chambers of Congress. It is still unclear who will speak in the House of Representatives in the future.

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The wave of success did not materialize for the Republicans

Before the election, a wave of success was predicted for Republicans and a defeat for Democrats. But it didn’t happen. Democrats fared better than expected.

Congress elections were held last Tuesday. The vote in the middle of Biden’s four-year term saw him grab all 435 House seats and nearly a third of Senate seats. In addition, important governorates in several states were filled in.

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“The mood in the United States is charged” – America before the midterms

The United States is facing a directional decision in the mid-term on 8 November. Political expert Julius van de Laar analyzes the current situation in the video.

Vote counting in Nevada took a long time due to the extremely close race between the two opponents and the electoral peculiarities in the state. After days of nail-biting, Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto won over Republican challenger Adam Laxalt.

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Vice President Kamala Harris makes a difference

This brings Democrats to 50 of the 100 seats in the chamber – and they are already assured of a Senate majority, although a race is still open for a Senate seat in Georgia. The background is that Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris, who is also the chair of the Senate, is allowed to vote in a deadlock.

That means even if Republicans win in Georgia, the balance of power in the Senate will be 50-50, as it has for the past two years — and Harris holds a slim majority to Democrats.

What’s up, America?

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Joe Biden: “I’m Incredibly Delighted”

Biden expressed satisfaction at the result. “I am incredibly pleased with the result,” Biden said on Sunday morning (local time) in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, where he is attending the ASEAN summit. The result reflects the quality of democratic candidates.

Democratic Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, Said voters strongly opposed the “democratic, authoritarian, malicious and divisive direction” that sections of the Republican Party under former President Donald Trump wanted to take the country. The election was a victory and a confirmation for the Democratic Party.

In Georgia, on December 6, there will be a runoff election for one Senate seat: between Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock and his Republican challenger Herschel Walker, as neither of them received more than 50 percent of the vote on the first attempt. Should the Democrats win Georgia as well, they’ll have 51 Senate seats and won’t have to rely on Harris to tip the scales in the impasse.

Two Democrats created trouble for Biden

This scenario will be a little more comfortable for Biden than it was before. Because the first half of his term has shown how difficult it is to govern with a very small majority in the Senate. Two party aides in particular made life difficult for him there: Senator Joe Manchin and Kirsten Cinema who blocked various Biden projects.

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The Senate is of particular importance in the political power structure of the United States. Significant personal details at the federal level – such as ambassadors, cabinet members or federal judges – must be confirmed by the Senate. The appointment of judges is particularly important.

Further enrollment is likely to proceed through Biden So sure now. How much more a president can achieve politically in the second half of his term depends largely on whether his Democrats lose their majority in the House of Representatives – which is currently considered more likely – or Can they possibly retain the majority as well? Room.

Republicans threaten to impeach ministers

Should Republicans have a say in the future House of Representatives, they can block legislative projects at will. Republicans have also threatened various investigations against Democrats or impeachment proceedings against members of the Biden cabinet. They could make life difficult for Biden and his government over the next two years.

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Several voting results are still being counted in the House of Representatives. 218 seats are needed for a majority in the House. According to the votes counted so far, Republicans got 211 seats and Democrats 204 on Sunday night (local time). There too, the race is much closer than predicted before the election. With regard to a possible majority for Democrats in the House of Representatives, Biden said: “We can win this. It remains to be seen whether we will win it. For this to happen, everything has to work for the Democrats. That’s why he doesn’t make any predictions.

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