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Infinite Guitars

infinite guitar has long been announced for PC, but it should now be available for Xbox One as well and Nintendo Switch appear as development studio Nikko Nikko And publishers Humble Games announce now. Cool role-playing game with emphasis on rhythm is coming next month, on December 13, in the beginning. In Infinite Guitar you join a musical group of heroes in their campaign against malicious machines that threaten the lives of the rest of humanity. In a mix of real-time fights and rhythm passages, you face artificial threats and smash your adversary through thick crevices in its splits. Infinite Guitars promises you a picturesque post-apocalyptic game world, huge bosses and driving guitar music. If you want to hear the game’s rocking soundtrack beforehand, you have from 17 November the opportunity to do so, because on this day selected pieces of music from the game will be available through applemusic And Spotify Available. An official gameplay trailer for Infinite Guitar can be found here:

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