Duchess Kate: Is she rolling her eyes here because of Meghan Markle? – royals

Duchess Kate: Is she rolling her eyes here because of Meghan Markle?  - royals

Is Duchess Kate (39) here showing her true colors and rolling her eyes when asked about Meghan (40) and Harry (37)? After a video of him surfaced on the internet, now many fans of Royal are thinking the same which is going viral.

Nearly four weeks after Kate’s visit to “Know Hill High School” in London, this video on Instagram is now whispering: Kate is sitting with the students, patiently answering their questions. But suddenly the Duchess rolled her eyes and asked: “What else?” Apparently an attempt to change the subject.

There is a lot of commotion in the class, and in the video it is not clear which student is asking Kate a question. But if you listen very carefully, you may wonder: “What about Meghan and Harry?” (in German: “What about Meghan and Harry?”) can be heard. Then Duchess Kate rolled her eyes for a while and said: “What else?”

Did Prince William’s (39) triple mother and wife really vent their anger here?

In any case, the account on which the video was uploaded should be treated with caution. On second glance it quickly becomes clear that the operator of the profile sympathizes with Harry and Meghan and not team Kate and William.

The fact is: The headmistress of “Knorr Hill High School” later said of Kate in “People” magazine: “She was really interested in what the students had to say and what they thought about the material they learned. think.”

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They were still considered the “Fantastic Four” in 2018: Prince William, Duchess Kate, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry (from left)Photo: Getty Images

In 2018 Kate, William, whose brothers Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan were still the “Fantastic Four” were getting on well, embodying the new, modern, British royals. Then came the megaxit: In January 2020, Harry and Meghan announced their withdrawal from the British royal family and moved to the USA.

There has been a tussle between Harry and his royal family ever since. Relations between brothers are particularly badly damaged. So far, Kate has dazzled with professionalism and royal restraint in dealing with the Zoffs surrounding Harry and Meghan. But even a royal is only human – Harry and Meghan’s move to the USA and their subsequent scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey didn’t make an impression on Kate either.

Prince Harry has announced the publication of his autobiography for the coming year. According to his own statement, he doesn’t want to settle the accounts with the royal family – but it remains to be seen whether the book will ensure a royal reconciliation or, ultimately, an angry eye roll.

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