EU Parliament wants to end cages by 2027

EU Parliament wants to end cages by 2027

European Parliament The European Union has called for a ban on the cage of farm animals. On Thursday, parliament called on the EU Commission to create a legal basis for a gradual move away from this type of animal husbandry by 2027.

MEPs said options for keeping chickens and pigs in cages exist and should be expanded to member states. He emphasized the importance of a sufficiently long transition phase for farmers and livestock farmers.

Livestock keepers can be trained and otherwise supported so that they are not deprived and livestock breeding is not relocated to places outside the EU where the ban does not apply.

The Parliament also allowed ducks and geese to have these. called for fat France Ban the popular specialty foie gras. “The conditions in which animals often spend their very short lives are not keeping animals, but cruelty to animals,” said Green MEP Sven Gigold.

The proposal goes back to a European citizens initiative. Activists had collected nearly 1.4 million signatures with the “End the Cage Age” campaign as of October last year. So they had enough support that the EU Commission would have to deal with the initiative.

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