European Championships: German canoeists collect more medals

European Championships: German canoeists collect more medals

Thus: 08/20/2022 6:12 PM

On the second day of decisions at the European Canoe Championships in Munich, Sebastian Brendel won the gold medal in singles with a huge energy display. The Olympic champion quartet won the kayak quartet. In the kayak doubles, the German pair won the bronze medal. Shortly after Brendel’s race, a storm on the regatta course forced the competitions to stop.

Sebastian Brendel caused excitement at the regatta course in Oberschleiheim on Saturday afternoon. The German premier canoeist won the individual gold in Class C1 in a unique way over the 5,000 meters. For Brendel, it was his eighth European Championship gold at a non-Olympic distance.

He stayed very close to Balazs Adolf’s heels for almost the entire duration of the race, before pressing straight home and passing him for the gold medal. Another extremely strong race from the Germans. Carlo Tacchini of Italy won the bronze medal.

Race day canceled after storm – continued on Sunday

Shortly after Brendel’s race, a storm on the regatta course forced the competitions to stop. The spectators were asked to leave the premises through loudspeakers. With three medal decisions still pending at this time, these should be made on Sunday. In addition to Max Randschmidt, who wanted to start in kayak single over 5000 meters, it also impressed Annika Loeske in canoe single.

Kayak wins in foursome sprint

The German Kayak Foursome has won EM gold over the 500m – and thus reaffirmed its role as the favourite. Max Lemke, Tom Liebscher, Max Rendschmidt, Jakob Schoff won ahead of Slovakia and France. This enabled the Olympic champions to defend their European Championship title.

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In a thrilling run, the German four was a hair’s width ahead from the start – and was able to maintain the lead. In the end, the Slovaks were 0.595 and the French 0.620 seconds behind.

“We knew we could ride on the track and show others where the catch was,” said batsman Rendschmidt after the race, but also admitted a small “mistake”: “Finally I noticed we were a little Were ahead, I started celebrating pretty quickly,” said the 28-year-old with a wink, “others complained.”

Hake/Paszek . bronze for

Jule Heck and Paulina Paszek only had to lose to world champions Poland and World Cup third-place Belgium in kayak doubles over 500m. The German pair was 1.284 seconds behind Poland and 0.472 seconds behind Belgium. The German pair won the silver medal at the 2022 World Cup in Canada.

It was exciting in the short 200 meters in a pair of kayaks: Jonas Dreger and Moritz Florstedt finished fourth. 0.346 seconds were missing for the bronze. Italy won ahead of Poland and Lithuania.

Canadian Tues: No EM Silver This Time

In the Canadian pairing over the 500 meters, Lisa Jahn and Sophie Koch took fourth place. Defending champion Ukraine did not let the victory take away. The European vice-champions of Berlin and Karlsruhe started boldly, but then had to pay tribute to the momentum at the start. Hungary and Poland landed behind Ukraine. Bronze for Jahn/Koch was 1.136 seconds away.

Thorson misses out on bronze medal

Jacob Thorsson missed out on the bronze medal he was hoping for in Canada’s singles. Hungarian Ballint Kopas won with another strong finish. His old rival Fernando Pimenta (Portugal) was left behind. Belgium’s Artur Peters finished 2.3 seconds ahead of Thordsen. Thordson also finished fourth in the 500m at the 2022 World Championships in Canada.

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The first final of the day was Romanian Caitlin Chirilla against veteran Martin Fuxa (Czech Republic) and Carlo Tacchini (Italy).

In the kayak single over 200m, Danish Emma Jorgensen won the gold medal ahead of Anja Ostemann (Slovakia) and Marta Walczykiewicz (Poland).

In the Canadian singles over 200 metres, Fabian Schatz was denied sixth place in the semi-finals in the final. Gold went to Lithuania, Henrikus went to Zustautas.


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