Fake Clubhouse Apps for Android in Vogue: Beware of Malware

Fake Clubhouse Apps for Android in Vogue: Beware of Malware

Criminals use Android declaration

Wrong clubhouse app in Android circulation

The clubhouse is still only available to iOS users – the developers have announced, however, that they are already working on the Android app. But it is not over yet. Security experts are now warning that criminals are currently trying to lure users with an allegedly existing clubhouse app for Android. According to an official warning from security software company ESET, a Trojan named “BlackRock” is hidden behind the forgery.

If this malicious program happens on a smartphone, it tries to steal login data from a total of 458 different online services – messaging and social media apps in services such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter as well as shopping and finance applications like Amazon Are included. EBay and Cash Apps. Because malware can also intercept text messages, an SMS-based one also protects here two-factor authentication not anymore.

How to identify fake application

However, the Club Club website on which the ad has been launched is supposed to look real – users can still easily see if they’ve come to the wrong page: when they click on the Google Play Store button , The app automatically downloads and installs instead of downloading first. Users on the Google Play Store, as with app downloads.

It is also easy to identify a fake app during installation: it was not called a “clubhouse” by malware developers, but is called an “install”.

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