Farina Opoku announces separation from DJ Jeezy

Farina Opoku announces separation from DJ Jeezy

Rumors of separation from Farina Opoku and husband DJ Jeezy have been doing the rounds for a long time. Now the Influencer has officially ended the relationship.

The daughter of the influential Farina Opoku and her husband Pouya Yari was born in August. Now the 31-year-old from Cologne has split from her husband, better known as DJ Jeezy. Rumors of a split have been circulating the internet and in fan circles for a while now, and Opoku aka “Novalanlove” has now made it official on Instagram.

While Opoku is not “a fan of going public with things”, he said he felt compelled to do so this time to stop speculation. The six-year relationship with DJ Jeezy was one of “ups and downs”, with crises repeatedly rocking their happiness.

The Bad: Opoku’s ex-partner DJ Jeezy makes out with another. (Source: Instagram)

For example, pictures are circulating on social networks of Opoku’s ex-partner kissing other women – while he was still in a relationship with the 31-year-old woman. Despite relationship problems, Opoku “believed in the good and never gave up hope,” she writes on Instagram. However, since their daughter Nova was born, she “looks at things differently and doesn’t want to set an example for them in this kind of relationship.”

Lots of support from fans and colleagues

Opoku and Yari were legally married in 2018, followed by a dream wedding in Ibiza in 2019. Her daughter’s well-being is a top priority for the Influencer with 1.8 million Instagram followers. And for this he gets support from his fans and colleagues.

With so much support, it’s no wonder the 31-year-old is so confident about her breakup. “But I’m too young, life too short and I’m doing better than I thought. Time will tell about the rest. Thank you for your kind words,” writes Opoku, closing his statement with the words While “time heals.” Time to recover.

Meanwhile, there is no statement from ex-partner DJ GG. In such a situation, now it has to be seen what the father of his daughter has to say about the separation.

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