First trip to Mars and 5 more places and science stories started this week

First trip to Mars and 5 more places and science stories started this week

Do not bury these moments in a busy week. Allow yourself to be surprised. Discuss this with your friends and family. To make these achievements possible and think about what this means for the future.

Just don’t let this moment go.

About the universe

The magical black-and-white image of a helicopter shadows across the surface of the red planet during the first flight to Mars, that magical moment. Mimi Ong, Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Project Manager.
“When I first saw it, I immediately thought of Buzz Aldrin’s picture of his footprint on the lunar surface. This iconic image of Apollo 11 says, ‘We walked on the surface of the moon.’ Wrote a statement. “He tells us: ‘We flew to another world.”
Skill demonstrated First operated and controlled flight on Mars On Monday, then Pro The second trip is full of danger Thursday Photos and videos brought back from the helicopter and the stubborn rover have captured the historic milestones of Ingenuity – the truth of the Wright Brothers on another planet.
Between visits, Perseverance was busy with her MOXIE Produce oxygen on red planetAnother amazing thing first.

MOXIE, a familiarity with experimenting with oxygen resources at the Mars site, converted carbon dioxide into enough oxygen in the atmosphere of Mars to hold an astronaut for about 10 minutes.

The simplicity removed for the third flight on Sunday is also back The first color as the photo rises. The picture gives us an idea of ​​what flying on Mars looks like.

Although Ingenuity and MOXIE are technical shows for now, both can help people land on the Red Planet in future missions.

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defy gravity

More history was made this week when four astronauts from three countries showed up It launched from the United States to the International Space Station Friday SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule on board. This is SpaceX’s third unmanned flight and the first example of the company’s use of the first launched spacecraft and rocket vehicle.
Crew-2 includes NASA astronauts Shane Kimbro and Megan McArthur, French astronaut Thomas Pesket of the European Space Agency and Akihiko Hoshid of Japan.
It consists of four crew members, who have already arrived four of the seven astronauts boarding the station Another capsule of SpaceX Crew Dragon in November.

The total crew of the space station rises to 11, one of the largest groups of orbiting labs. But the fun crowd is only temporary; The first team is due to return to Earth on 28 April.

Once upon a planet

The Lesser Atlas Mountains were formed in Morocco about 80 million years ago when Africa and Eurasia collided.
When astronaut View of the earth from the international space stationYou often notice the beauty of its appearance – and how delicate it is.

This view of the Little Atlas Mountains in Morocco was captured on a NASA Terra satellite with ASTER (Advanced Thermal Reflectivity Emission and Reflection Radiometer Through Space).

Victor Glover Jr., who completed his third space biography In late February, I was talking about the “importance of having human life on this planet” at the time.

“It makes me do everything to protect myself,” said a NASA astronaut.

Earth Day, celebrated on Thursday, is a good reminder for everyone to protect the only part of our home. And some of the changes we have made during the pandemic last year have already benefited the environment, such as: Shopping on siteAnd reduce cumming Reduce food waste And the flight is short.

We need to make this a standard practice rather than just a temporary habit.

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Appeal to all citizens of the scholar. Watch “Moon tree“- The Royal Astronomical Society and the British Space Agency are looking for him.

As imaginative as it is to imagine forests of ghostly silver trees on the inauspicious moon, these trees grew from the 500 seeds that traveled back to our Moon companions and NASA’s Apollo 14 mission.

The seeds traveled including mapler’s maple, redwood and Douglas cedar. NASA-Astronaut Stuart Rosa, A former US Forest Service firefighter, in his personal belongings to see how he reacted to the space environment.
Back on land, sprouts were planted by the Forest Service and planted around the world. No systematic effort has been made to track it, but NASA has since Plant about 60 trees.

The vice president of the Royal Astronomical Society, Steve Miller, believes some of them have ended up in Britain and wants to know what happened to them, so he is targeting the public this week.

Wild kingdom

After all, humans and animals are not very different from each other.

Rhesus monkeys made new friends after Hurricane Maria.
After Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico with devastating effects in 2017, researchers found rhesus monkeys, a species of monkey that lives in Keio Santiago. Get more social together.

While these monkeys claimed to compete with each other and be highly protective of their food and water, the researchers found that they actually expanded their social groups and became more tolerant of each other, according to Maria .

These interactions were measured in the context of grooming, which is one of the ways to add monkeys. These care networks proliferated after the storm, suggesting that the monkeys were socializing and befriending their friends’ friends – not isolated from the surrounding areas. People communicate And expand their social groups.

Climate change

Lake Mead, a major reservoir on the Colorado River, can be submerged in its waters lowest level Since it was settled in the 1930s, there was a commotion New expectations Published this week by the US Reclamation Bureau.

The reservoir is a major obstacle at the time of scattering, but Lake Mead – the largest in the country – has been affected by climate change, overuse and drought, and is today only 39%.

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If the water level falls below 1,075 feet on 1 January 2022, deep water reductions may occur in Arizona, Nevada and Mexico.

Talk fast memory Save water where you can.
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