Folk Leipzig co-instructor Robert Weiss: from lessons to training and back

Almedin Civas rechte Hand: Lok Leipzigs Co-Trainer Robert Weiße

Leipzig. After Lok Leipzig’s bitter cup against Budisa Bautzen, the youth of Ihmelstrae Secondary School still troubled their teacher Robert Weiss, after a 3–2 win against Chemnitzer FC, the peaks against White would probably be low again. . “We would talk about it on the playground. Of course, there are students from other clubs in town too,” jokes Weiss. The 32-year-old sports and social studies teacher has been an assistant instructor at Folks, Words and Deeds, since this summer. With head coach Almedin backing Siwa, stand in front for a 3-2 win at Chemnitz on Wednesday evening. 3,000 people and Thursday make coffee in the teacher’s room.


“Many coworkers or students come into the stadium and are on the fence after the game,” Weiss says. Teachers and assistant trainers at the fourth grade level – this is a big effort. “For the most part, I can attend afternoon soccer sessions. Now the autumn holidays are back again, where I can support a lot,” reports the busy white man. “I would coordinate everything. so that I can provide the best possible support. Sometimes I go from class to training and then back to class.”

The Folk’s coaching team has known each other since the time of Babelsberg, when White coached Siwa’s son as a U19 coach, among other things. The new contact stemmed from an inquiry by Weiss, who wanted to sit at Probstida as part of his A license. “This let Almedin know I was in Leipzig.”

Before the father of a daughter, who was only a few months old, shifted the center of his life to the trade fair town, he and his wife dared to go on an adventure in Canada – and travel to the world for a football. Worked on the other side. Academy of the great FC Barcelona. In addition to the world famous La Masia in Spain, the Catalan has several academies around the world, sending sports directors to the world to promote the Barca style.

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“The exercises are given in a training list. However, they were customizable. The games and training sessions were recorded and then assessed jointly. I carried a lot with me,” Weiss reports. A sentence that He often heard: “Robert, don’t think so German. Just let it go and see what happens.”

With tiki-taka in his luggage, he eventually went to Leipzig in folk, native Thuringian now working with adults for the first time. “Theoretically, they make the same mistakes as younger players. The difference is there are experienced players on the field who know what you are doing, who have completed training,” Weiss says happily of the trusted professionals at Probstida, whom he meets with a remedial approach. “At school, you are the focus. Every student knows what you’re wearing, what you’ve said. I take this calmness with me to training. And I come from education. You can tell who’s talking to you.” Who needs it and who doesn’t.

The one-man show run last season is proving to be helpful for Siwa. Third place, despite being one game short, could reduce the gap to top of the table to two points with a win. “It’s a great team that wins games as a team. And thanks to the training controls, we don’t have any long-term injuries,” says White, listing the reasons for the league to grow. match can be Tasmania (OstSport.TV, 1 p.m.) confirmed and the peaks were stopped in the school yard.

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