Brand new Huawei phone with old Android for Germany

Brand new Huawei phone with old Android for Germany
Huawei Nova 8i (image source: Huawei)

After a long time, Huawei is making its debut in Germany with a smartphone. The interesting thing is that this brand new phone does not run on HarmonyOS, but on the old version of Android. So is there no HarmonyOS for smartphones coming to Germany?


Huawei Nova 8i Available With Android Instead Of HarmonyOS

HarmonyOS is the future for Huawei – at least that’s what the Chinese company always says. over 120 million times The new operating system was installed and we really expected that the HarmonyOS operating system would also come to us with the new Huawei smartphone. But it doesn’t happen. Brand new Huawei Nova 8i still running Actually Android 10 and EMUI 11.0.1 . with.

Huawei didn’t even bother to adopt Android 11 for the new smartphone. Future updates to Android should also no longer be done. Older models were also hanging. At most EMUI should still be receiving updates. NS The Google Play Store and Google Services are definitely not preinstalled in Germany. Huawei wants 349 euros for this (Look at MediaMarkt)

Obvious Honor 50 Lite gets more interesting. This is basically a copy of the Huawei Nova 8i, that’s all Ex-subsidiaries exempted from US sanctions and access Google services and apps. It will be particularly interesting to see which Android version is preinstalled here. Android 11 will be the minimum, as Android 12 has already been completed by Google. The Honor model is also said to be 50 euro cheaper.

i am Video Let’s show you what HarmonyOS does better than Android:

Is HarmonyOS Germany not coming at all?

HarmonyOS is already very widespread in China. But if Huawei launches brand new smartphones with older Android in Germany, then you shouldn’t expect a new operating system to be released in the near future. maybe it will work HarmonyOS 3.0Which will probably be introduced in a few days.

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