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When Lady Karpathy, the then-senior director of AI responsible for the artificial intelligence of Tesla’s Autopilot system, went on sabbatical this spring, observers immediately suspected it would be longer than the four months she declared. really Karpathy resigns from his position at Tesla after termination, However, it seems to have nothing to do with the company’s path or doubts about its CEO Elon Musk: in an interview, the ex-director now declared that he “loves” them both. He also defended Tesla’s abandonment of more and more sensors, saying he can envision a return.

Tesla and SpaceX as Big Startups

Musk’s great strength lies in fighting “corporate entropy,” Karpathy answered a question on a podcast with former MIT researcher Lex Friedman, who himself spent hours questioning the CEO. Tesla and SpaceX are basically the biggest startups in the world, Karpathy said, and Tesla too many of them at the same time, Because with his persistence, Musk makes sure problems are resolved rather than stuck in committees, like in normal companies, he explained.

Karpathy was also asked about Tesla’s decision to initially go without radar sensors and more recently for ultrasound for its Autopilot system. He explained that each component should be treated as a potential burden with its full follow-up cost including procurement, integration and programming. Only if it still promises clear benefits overall, should you decide to go for it. Not so with Radar, Karpathy reported from his Tesla days.

ultrasound error, Meanwhile it also means skipping the parking assist at Tesla, the former AI boss didn’t even question. Like CEO Musk, he is convinced that the path to autonomous driving can only be paved with an artificially intelligent evaluation of camera images. You can’t do without them anyway, because the traffic world is made for people with eyesores. So it is better to focus on that and do that part very well. Karpathy also predicted that other companies that Use lidar sensors today for autonomous or even assisted driving onlyWhich will probably have to be abandoned in the future.

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“Autonomous driving is a solvable problem”

Musk has already expressed something similar, and otherwise his views and those of his former AI boss are still close. In a conference call in October, the CEO did not provide any new guidance for the year, but said Autonomous driving can certainly be under control, Similarly, Karpathy now talked about a problem that can be solved theoretically – and the Tesla team is certainly on the way. He decided to leave the company so that he could learn and teach again about AI, he explained. But he was also very interested in “maybe coming back at some point”.

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