German ice hockey team: a great collaboration

German ice hockey team: a great collaboration

Of course, a lot depends on luck in the World Cup tournament. The fact that the German ice hockey team does everything to earn it is registered. A Comment.

Voting will only take place at the end of the year, and you don’t know what else the European Football Championship or the Olympics will bring – but a hot candidate for “Team of the Year” was certainly found in May/June: the German ice hockey team. Although the tasks in such a detachment are much more diverse, with more than 20 positions compared to row eight, it seems no less homogeneous than the frequent staple of the German game.

Ice hockey players express this wonderfully to the effect that with them defender Holzer, who throws his battered body into the opponent’s shots, enjoys the same high value as striker Knobles, who in his converted penalty against Switzerland. The man for the picture with was in the pictures. There is no pride, there is loneliness. This is the real story behind the results to attract public attention.

And of course the German ice hockey team benefits from performing better than expected. The hierarchy in the sport appears to be rigid because there are nations in which ice hockey is culturally anchored: Canada, Russia, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. You must also add the USA, which has not been world champion for more than 60 years, but has long been liberated from neighboring Canada.

Reflectively, these teams have always been seen as big before being compared with the German – which is no longer justified from a technical point of view. The category of “big guys” in the World Cup depends largely on which of their stars are available in the NHL. The shell of Russia, Canada and Sweden is often too large for the contents.

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The Germans are not so heavily dependent on NHL events. Although they have three outstanding players Leon Dresitl, Tim Stutzl and goalkeeper Philipp Grubauer who are in the best league in the world and will not be available in the 2021 World Cup, the core of national teams will have to be formed by them this year. own league. And the often scolding DEL isn’t bad.

Of course, a lot also depends on luck in World Cup tournaments. The fact that the Germans do everything to earn it is registered. This notion is a success. The country turns on. Ice hockey A sports story of the year in June.

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