Goat Simba should be in the Guinness Book: Cannes MÄÄÄHss, please! – News abroad

Goat Simba should be in the Guinness Book: Cannes MÄÄÄHss, please!  - News abroad

Thunderbird, what’s the matter!

Simba’s ears are an incredibly long 48 centimeters – per side. If owner Muhammad Hassan Narejo has his way, the animal should soon be in the Guinness Book of Records.

According to international media reports, Simba is an Anglo-Nubian goat. Even-toed ungulates are known for their already long floppy ears, but in this case Mother Nature apparently meant especially well. Especially since the animal is said to have been born about two weeks early – so it cannot be ruled out that the chickpeas are still growing.

Simba is said to have no problem with the animal because of its XXL ears. A gene mutation is probably responsible for the specificity. With fluffy fur whips, the goat has certainly made its way into its owner’s heart: photos show Muhammad Hassan Narejo raising the goat by the hand and kissing it lovingly.

a kiss for the maybe-soon-record-goatPhoto: DDP/Abaca Press

The owner runs a farm in Karachi (a city of 15 million in the south of the country). Goat farming is a traditional source of income and food in Pakistan. Narejo is quoted as saying: “We hope that Simba will soon be the world record holder in the Guinness Book.” There has been no goat in the ear discipline so far, dogs have already been awarded.

If representatives of the Guinness Book really went to Karachi, they would say: “An ear MÄÄÄÄHss, please!”

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