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The record was firmly in sight after a series of previous ones and has now been achieved: the German Tesla driver, who has been driving the Model S continuously since 2014, has now covered more than 1,609,344 kilometers in it. As always, Hansjörg von Gemmingen-Hornberg announced this on Twitter on Friday via a new profile picture – of course it doesn’t show the crooked kilometer value, but the 1,000,000 miles to which it corresponds. This is an electric car world record and should also find a place in the Guinness Book. However, von Gemmingen-Hornberg has to drive another 20,000 miles because Tesla does not support him, as they say. Otherwise, the relations between the two sides have cooled down.

The Tesla Frequent Driver Is Serious

The German frequent driver had already crossed the one million kilometer mark in November 2019 and was celebrated with 5000 likes on Twitter. One There was also a congratulatory response from Tesla CEO Elon Musk., but about a year later, when Gemmingen-Hornberg was about 200,000 km ahead. Earlier this year, 1.5 million kilometers were filled and million miles were already within reach.

When von Gemmingen-Hornberg now reported that it had been surpassed, he was unusually unhappy about his loyal Model S. He already had the eighth motor in his Tesla, the rest being “scrap”, he replied to a club that asked why there was no video for the latest milestone. In addition, the battery was replaced three times, as with the drive, as part of the eight-year warranty. By the end of last year, von Gemmingen-Hornberg had spent 26,000 euros out of his own pocket on repairs to his long-distance Tesla, as he reported to teslamag.de. According to him, this amount has now increased to about 39,000 euros.

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In addition, early Tesla customers (in addition to the Model S, he has a Roadster) showed interest in the new electric car competition shortly before the latest record message. Von Gemmingen-Hornberg wrote last week that he may soon be hitting the kilometer with a “Lucid Topmodel”. need this Model Air by Lucid, already being shipped in the USA And this year will also start in Germany. And even after millions of miles, the longtime Tesla driver publicly flirted with Twitter by asking whether the Lucid Air would be recommended.

New records with the new Lucid electric car?

When asked by Teslamag.de, von Gemmingen-Hornberg confirmed that the contact with Tesla had fallen asleep. The company had asked him for a “fair weather report”, but it was not available to him. As a result, the million miles on his Model S doesn’t yet count as a Guinness Record because he overtook it with 20,000 miles, he explained. Since Tesla is no longer interested in the combined record, it still has this distance to cover before entering.

He wants to do the same, the former model customer wrote, but not as gently as before — and he may actually switch to a Lucid, for the record ahead. This trend may also be related to the fact that, according to him, the eight-year drive guarantee expires in August: according to him, every further motor replacement will probably cost him 5000 Euros, and the battery may not even be official. Record now. A Twitter video showing their Model S’s current mileage in miles and less in kilometers was still substantial from Gemmingen-Hornberg.

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