Green pass is not forgery-proof – science and technology

Green pass is not forgery-proof - science and technology
IT expert Christoph Moore said a forgery of the Green Pass is theoretically possible. Since the software had to be built quickly, there were “compromises” in terms of protection against counterfeiting and data protection. According to information technician Moore, the passport serves its purpose, but is only “a temporary solution”. People with basic knowledge can recreate the Green Pass in no time and thus gain access to inn, sports halls and events interiors – even if they have neither a test result nor a show to show. Be vaccinated for.

Another weakness of Green Pass is insufficient data security. The reason for the Moars concerns are data-poor codes. “The data is not on the code, so there is access to the subspace server. It’s certainly a possibility for hackers to get the data,” Moore says. Unlike immuniapp, data will be less well preserved. If a code is scanned multiple times during an evening walk tour, for example, a movement profile of the user can be created, Moore says.

IT expert Moore rates the Eurac and Sabes project as a passive quick solution, but not as a long-term solution. The director of Eurac, Stephen Ortner, has also stated that the passport is not a forgery.

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