Four new characters are coming to the battlefield in Samurai Warrior 5

Four new characters are coming to the battlefield in Samurai Warrior 5

KOEI TECMO Europe and developer Omega Force have today announced four new characters for the Samurai Warriors 5 universe, bringing the total number of playable fighters to 27. The tactical action game – set in the legendary Sengoku era – is currently available for the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system (playable via backward compatibility on PlayStation 5), on the Xbox One console (Xbox Series X Playing) is with backward compatibility. ) And Windows PC were developed via Steam and will be released in Europe on July 27, 2021.

To celebrate the unveiling of new characters, KOEI TECMO has released a new trailer featuring Extended Warriors, which has been completely redesigned and reinterpreted for the franchise’s latest blockbuster.

The 5 characters that Samurai Warriors announced today include some surprising variations on the four new historical fighters, as well as the two main characters that play the game’s main story. Four new characters include Kusarigama expert and leader of the Inga Ninjas, Sanday Momochi, ninja sword master Hatori Henzo, Magoichi Saika, a professional mercenary who is not interested in the concept of good and evil, and the famous samurai Yasuke, who is Nobunaga’s henchmen Acts as. In addition to the four new characters, Omega Force revealed for the first time that both “The Demon King” Nobunaga Oda and Mitsuhide Akechi, Oda family henchmen, will be playable as adult versions – Nobunaga’s professional sword technique and Mitsuhide’s terrifying matchlock attack. . And sword blade!

More information about Samurai Warriors 5 can be found official website, On Facebook, instagram And Twitter.

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