Greenpeace activists called VW. protested against burner in

Greenpeace activists called VW.  protested against burner in

People affiliated with Greenpeace displayed messages such as “Von Wagen: Klima-Vöreiter” or “Von Wagen: Just electric” on diesel and gasoline vehicles. Greenpeace assured in a press release that the stickers in DIN-A-3 format are environmentally friendly and can be removed without leaving any residue. In addition, in an open letter to VW boss Herbert Diess has been called to halt development of the next generation of combustion engines (see info box).

VW’s sales figures “bring the group’s hypocrisy to the point,” says Ulrich Beck, a Greenpeace spokesman in Tübingen. “Some electric cars can’t hide the fact that Volkswagen continues to develop combustion engines and wants to sell them for decades to come.”

According to this, VW is responsible for more than one percent of global greenhouse gases through the cars it produces. The group is currently looking to invest billions in the development of a new platform on which to sell millions of new diesel and gasoline engines by at least 2040, criticizes Greenpeace.

Activists also conducted test interviews a few months ago to prove that most VW sales employees had given advice on buying a combustion engine. Some sellers will even warn against buying one of the Electric ID.3.

Climate protection activists expect a reversal from the latest ruling by the Karlsruhe Federal Constitutional Court, which gives future generations a basic right to effective climate protection. And via another judicial decision: Oil company Shell was also last week committed to greater climate protection by a court in The Hague.

According to Greenpeace, the court’s arguments also affect other fossil fuel companies like Volkswagen: Cars produced by VW in a year are said to cause 582 million tons of CO2 over their lifetime. This exceeds Australia’s annual greenhouse gas emissions, Greenpeace said in a press release.

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Open letter to VW Boss Dias

Greenpeace CEO Roland Hipp wrote in his open letter to the VW boss, “So that VW becomes part of the solution to the climate problem, you are not allowed to sell any more exhaust-gas vehicles in Germany from 2025 and in Europe than 2028.” will be given.” Herbert Dias. Earlier, Hipp had argued: “In the midst of this ecological crisis, triggered and fueled by the burning of oil, coal and gas, you want to develop another generation of cars that burn even more oil. It’s a sinking ship.” It’s like trying to save someone by pouring water in it.” Hoping she’s available for personal conversation, Hipp concludes his letter.

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