Audience outrage over Florian Silberesen’s show

Audience outrage over Florian Silberesen's show

“Hit Countdown” ran for the first time on Saturday evening. With the show, Florian Silberesen really wanted to warm up the audience again. But it had the opposite effect. Many viewers were disappointed and sometimes even angry.

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wanted with “hit countdown” Florian Silberesen Show fans what will soon be possible again on Saturday evening: the appearance of Hit Legends in front of thousands of spectators. love the stars andreas gablierhandjob Andrea Burgohandjob roland kaiser And many more were announced in advance.

Where is Helen Fisher?

Too Helen Fisher was noted. So, of course, some viewers also expected the pop queen to come. But already in the first few minutes of the show, the audience realized: this appearance will not happen at all.

because instead ard Andrea Berg or . like artist Howard Karpendel Performed at Kitzbühel, the station showed older clips from other shows – when audiences were still allowed. Only celebrities such as Ramon Rosselli, Nick P. or Christophe de Boley were there and commented on their colleagues’ past performances.

“Who needs this?”

Viewers on Twitter were disappointed. “I just switched on because I thought Helen Fisher would live there, but it’s all repetition. Who needs that?” For example, asked a user on the net. “I was so happy that Helen sings live today (again). Only canned food in ‘SchlagerCountdown’,” said another user.

“Helen is coming or is there an older performance from Helen? It’s just that I know what to do…”, another audience wanted to know. Another fan found the slot particularly inappropriate: “‘SchlagerCountdown’ has some for a long night of old camel hits, but not for a Saturday evening.”

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After about three and a half hours it was clear: Helen Fisher wouldn’t come anymore. ARD’s announcement pertained only to older appearances, not to appearances in Kitzbühel. Some viewers may have misunderstood it.

In return, viewers got a new music video. no angel To see Ramon Rosalie perform a song from his new album and Andreas Gablier learn to dance to his new song. But maybe the audience didn’t expect it.

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