Hairy venomous spider reaches Heilbronn area – experts warn of panic

Hairy venomous spider reaches Heilbronn area – experts warn of panic
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The animal, also known as the Nosferatu spider, is moving into Germany – also in the Heilbronn area.

When autumn comes, the chances of meeting you in the Heilbronn area increase. And this scary spider isn’t just terrified of arachnophobes. Because it grows to six centimeters, can jump, is hairy and is as poisonous as a wet nurse’s prickly finger. Originally from the Mediterranean region, the spiny spider (Zoropsis spinimana) is now spreading more and more in Baden-Württemberg. Eight months ago also in the Kraichbau near Heilbronn.

Like the house spider that also occurs in Heilbronn, the twisting spider loves moist heat. And when the temperature drops, so can encounters with him. Within its own four walls. Because animals are mainly seen in buildings. Where it goes hunting at night – and kills its prey in a jump. By shooting small insects stabilizing threads.

Hairy venomous spider reaches Heilbronn area – experts warn of panic

But this is far from the end of the horror flag. Reason: The first part of the body of the curved spider has a scary picture on the hairy back. writes: “A pale, bald head with oddly pointed ears and two large, dark sockets. Nosferatu, The Vampire, is best known from the horror film first shown in theaters in 1922. That’s why the curled-up spider is also called the Nosferatu spider.

If a person has been bitten by a spiny spider, the pain is usually slightly less than that of a wasp sting. However, swelling around the bite site may persist for up to two days. According to the Natural History Museum in Karlsruhe, the animal would have to feel extreme danger to bite a person. As in this case, which happened in Stuttgart and in which the victim of the Nosferatu spider also had to be taken to the hospital.

Large venomous spider in the Heilbronn area: an expert explains its benefits

The creepy appearance of the twisting spider should not mislead people to kill it in one encounter. Experts such as Heilbronn’s pest controller Johan Eckov point out that spiders are farm animals: “They rid us of all kinds of insects, including many pathogens.” According to him, the animal should be carefully packed in a container and taken out.

That’s why curved spiders are curious

Curved spiders are unique spiders. Reason: Although they produce crimping threads with their specialized organs, they no longer form a safety net. Rather, they chase their prey and capture it and suppress it while jumping.

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